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On The Bike- Ride Videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rogues, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. C'mon you bums:p where's all your ride videos..........??

    50 odd people buy GoPros and bugga all results......WoT?? cant you'se figure out how to use them yet:p
    :-s ....or are we playing 'secret squirrel' with them somewhere else:(

    C'mon, c'mon........ give us all something to drool over

    ......... and yes, I have put up my poor offerings



  2. I think you'll find that most here realise that posting up publically viewable videos of riding on their favorite roads only tends to draw unwanted attention as such get used by the establishment of raise awareness of "a growing problem" amongst the beige brigade tosspots.

    In short, keep it mum. What the beiger's don't know won't hurt 'em.

    Keep it amongst your closest friends, or even better, just to yourself, and be content with that.
  3. having said that, some of yours are fantastic. Thanks for not when you did put the up.
  4. I don't have friends so I'll put a few more up. ;) I'm not really sure if I'm part of a "growing problem" and don't really care. If you think any of them should be taken down please let me know.
  5. I have a few. And I have a signature line. The one that is not publicly available is slightly more entertaining. If you really want to see it, PM me.
  6. :-s Hmmmm,

    not sure about this 'do you wanna see a private video malarkey':p

    ........ as long as boiled lollies aren't involved :p :p

    Consider y'self PM'd mate......... luv to see yer ride (wink)
  7. How come the video is all squished up?
  8. wide angle lense. Personally I detest them.
  9. It's just my opinion. Do as you will. I'm not going to tell you to do anything. That'd make me just as bad as the beige brigade who want to tell us what to do. I'm just asking that it be kept in mind that whatever is posted up is generally used to gather evidence by those of whom we don't want their attention.

    Personally, I love a good ride video myself, and I've posted many in the past. Some are even still around online. I regret it now, but leave the old ones up as they're already out there anyway.
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    the one of the oxley is great.how is the surface overall? seemed pretty rough in some parts. :)


    here is my offering. best to watch at 480 or better.

    All within speed limits of course.
  11. maybe we should be making them semi-private then..... only available to view by members..........so how do we go about that then....??
  12. What's with the rider coming around the left?
  13. Why is that?
  14. Because it's not an accurate presentation. Top end headphones and speakers are supposed to reproduce sound accurately. Top end tv's are supposed to reproduce a picture sharply and accurately. But the top in cameras are apparently supposed to squash everything in as tight as possible and make it look as unrealistic as possible. Nup, I don't buy that.

    Additionally, the main problem is corners. Wide angle lenses make corners look long and boring and slow. For example rougues oxley video. Corners look fairly wide and open, not very tight and technical as I'm told it accurately is. It makes rouges look like he's doing a push bike pace.
  15. Hey, that's interesting stuff and I see your point. I think when you say 'wide angle' though, given your description, you probably mean 'distorted'.

    Wide angle used properly and with good quality lenses won't appear like you have described. With peripheral vision and two eyes we see an wider angle than any of these helmet cams do. But the brain tends to select an area and focus on that. So if you want to represent that then you need to go a bit longer in focal length.

    Have you done any shooting with longer focal lengths? It's very difficult to watch as it just doesn't come across visually as you would expect.

    I take your points though. It's interesting feedback worth having a think about. Have a look at some of my stuff, which started out all with fairly wide lenses but now I try and mix it up a bit.

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    Take your Return from Wee Jasper run for example. There are much better parts of the road than in the video but even the section that you were on, the corners are tighter than what they looked in the video. Instead of a sweeper it looked as though the road just listed lazily one way or the other as if the engineer couldn't be arsed to make sure it was straight. Do you have a vid of the climb out of cotter on brindabella rd - the really tight section? I can remember that road much better.

    Compare these two

    While the first one is blurry and less defined, it is a much better representation of the real road. and yes, that is an extreme example of wide-angle.
  17. Wide-angle can be all-right. See below, being an old video from 3-4 years ago (I think). To me it gives a greater perception of speed as the periphery flashes by more quickly. It's the fish-eye lens stuff that I despise, which gives an artificially inflated sense of speed.

  18. I've had that one in favourites for years mate.

    You're going fast enough to make it look properly fast. Also that fact that I don't know the road helps. I can cope with a minor wide angle as it does allow you to see more, but some of them just take the piss, like the second one I linked. The first one is still wide-angle but less so.

    One of dazza's vids, a 4 minute clip of the road to Wee Jasper, the road is considerably tighter than what it appears in the video. Combined with that they aren't going particularly fast and it appears they are going slowish on longer corners. The video turns our rather dull imo.
  19. i have a couple vids on my youtube channel which is linked in my sig.