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On the Bench!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PSYKC, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Since I am literally "On the Bench" waiting for the Duchess, I figured I may as well be in the Pub, asking D'nM questions! That's deep and meaningful boys, no whips here!!)


    This is one I've asked many times, but never been completely satisfied with my own answer!

    Out of habit I have always chosen "Nelson Mandela", being an ex S African and all ... But that just seems so cliche! I mean he's interesting, but is he the person I'd pick! Does it have to be some great name! Sometimes speaking to some random person that crosses your path in some random way can be equally insightful!!!

    Who would you pick? I still ponder this question! Even on a Friday night, while watching footy, lol!!
  2. The Apostle Paul...
  3. Charlie Boorman. I think he could keep you busy with a few of his tales.
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    Good choice!!!

    Hmmm, dunno??? But if it works for you!
  5. Cassius Clay / Muhammed Ali
  6. Why not??
  7. Forrest Gump. He will give me chocolate.
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  8. Ooh that is a tough one. I sometimes think early explorers, guys who discovered continents, would be pretty interesting. Or a genius scientist like Einstein, although a lot of that talk could be indecipherable. Michael Collins too (so what was it like to stay in the module while Neil and Buzz went moon-walking..?)

    Currently undecided I guess.

    Can I state that people I'd least like to speak to would be politicians and lawyers?
  9. Yeah I hear ya, but haven't we heard all the big names have to say! And what so far have they changed in YOUR life so far? Have you had a moment where "float like a butterfly... " really worked for you? Changed your life???
  10. Neil Armstrong.
  11. Mr Bore-man? :p his books.. so.. anyways...

    tbh, I'd probably pick my mum. cheesy I know but.... people not connected with my life are.. just another people...
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  12. Haha was just saying someone's gonna pick their dad.

    I can't pick mum, talking to her is impossible as I can't get a word in...
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  13. Not wanting to enter into a religious
    debate here, but suffice to say I don't really believe he existed!!! Bible not my thing.
    Sorry, gunna stop there! Not entering further debate on this! Respect your thoughts and our individuality!
  14. I would love to be able to talk to him about his life, what was it really like when he came home from the Olympics.

    Did he throw that gold medal away or lose it?

    Where did he get his strength when he made his decision to become a Muslim and how he got the courage to take on the American Government at a time when, blacks where less than second class.

    To stand front and centre and tell the people why, and win them over.

    Inspirational doesn't begin to describe it
  15. dads can gfhs :p

    some mums need time and space (and a cup of tea) to get a word in :)
    you don't get time to talk after they pass so....
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  16. Bruce Lee. Big martial arts nut.

    Failing him, Stalin. Reading "Hitler and Stalin" by Alan Bullock at the moment - both interesting characters, Stalin more so.
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    I really like that! I think we are programmed to pick big names, but do they really change our world!
    Still, I'm stuck again ... Cant think of a family member I have not already say on the Bench with!!!

    I second that!!
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  18. My paternal grandfather.

    Born at the turn of the 20th century in Central Europe, he fought and was wounded twice during WW2, then raised a family and lived into his late 80's.
    We never got to have a proper conversation, as I was only 14 when we last saw each other.
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    Yeah, I hear ya! Who can argue the big names!??? I just think some of my biggest influences have been teenagers, barely aware of their own awesomeness!
    Think I've found my answer actually!
    For me it's the ones that think they are broken, are concerned that they are not part of the pack! Their creativity is undiscovered even in themselves and they struggle to belong and yet I think they are the true leaders and I place my trust and hope in them, for they are the most likely to change the world!

    That's beautiful!!!

    Yup, good choice!!!
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  20. Second choice Tyrion Lannister