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On speed limits & advisory signs.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Yesterday, I went for a bit of a ride. My ride took me through the hills around Diamond creek, Kinglake and Healsville en route to more interesting playgrounds.
    WTF is going on around there? Who exactly, is making the rules for appropriate rates of progress? 80km/hr is not to bad in my opinion for some of the tighter more populated areas, but from Hurstbridge up to Kinglake -60km/hr? Get the f#ck out of here. I am absolutely certain I could break the limit on a f#cking pushbike, & I'm certainly no Lance Armstrong. It's out of f#cking control. Who dreams this sh!t up? How do they get away with this sh!t

    But that's not the best of it. Or worst, depending on your perspective. A couple of corners are marked at, get this, 15km/hr. F#ck me drunk. I'm dead certain I could park my motorcycle, and RUN around the corner faster than that. Bl00dy f#cking hell. And that's even with wearing all my safety gear. Boots and all. What sort of f#cking incompetants are they letting loose on the roads these days? How bad are riders and drivers getting?

    But get this. Even with massive refelective Red "Reduce speed" signs, and 15 km/hr advisory signs, there are still filthy black skid marks right across the road, and massive gouges and imprints in the banking on the roadside. F#ck me. I'm no rocket scientist, but even I can see that the problem is not the speed limit. Or the road condition. But more the fact that an uncomfortably largesh percentage of "riders/drivers" do not posses the skills to drive a greasy stick up a chooks @rse. Fair dinkum.

    I can tell you that this is not an isolated occurance/phenomenon. There is a low bridge near where I work. It has giant warning signs as you approach. They have even installed another huge sign with bright yellow flashing lights that warn of low clearance. But guess what. I think you already may have. At LEAST once a year, a truck, or more precisely its driver, manages to wedge its self under the bridge. Despite all the signs, lights and warnings.

    What does this tell us? Well, if you ask me, we must start to let people take some responsibility for themselves, and make their own decisions. All the rules and regulations in the world are not going to stop f#ckwits being f#ckwits. Perhaps, if the authorities actually start to let people be allowed to think for themselves, rather than blindly accepting propaganda, then things might start to change. Hopefully for the better. If drivers actually had to learn to read the road, and the conditions, rather than just blindly follow rules, then they might start taking an interest in what they are doing, and start to take some pride in what they are doing. And become better road users for it.

    Your thoughts?

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  2. I'm not sure that I do. The only things I'm used to sticking into chickens are forks and knives.
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  3. I would have said this to the sneaky lidar wielding cruiser who suspended me for going what I considered a safe and appropriate speed for the conditions, but I didn't wait to add walking
    down the M7 while some overworked flatbed driver tows away my bike to a 3 month suspension.

    Some speed limits are absurd, particularly pretty much all recommended speed signs, seems a good rule to just add 40k to them all.

    Merry bloody Crisie by the way
  4. Roarin for PM.
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  5. Speed advisory signs have to cover everyone, including those top heavy 4wds that are likely to roll at 16kmh.
  6. We were promised all sorts of financial incentives by the Gov when the good times were rolling. Well by the Liberal gov. They were behind driver Ed.
    The Labor Gov gives us nothing and has been spreading the propaganda that we just lead you down the path of hooliganism.
    If they get another term it will become ludicrous. Wayne will get that surplus no matter how much it costs you. And our country.
    Advisories are tricky. If your in a 60 zone and it's a Yellow 20, and you crash. Your speeding. But make it around and the plod pulls you over. He has to find fault. Long as you are under 61.
    Just in QLD the road rules manual is 75 GB long in data. That's how stupid it has become. 70 odd gig of don't do this or that FFS.
    It needs to be KISSed
    Bring back the common courtesy rule and leave it at that. Ya fark up ya both are booked.
  7. Agree.. completely frustrated with this bullshit..

    We need a one for one policy:
    - If you reduce a speed limit, another one must be lifted somewhere else to compensate
    - If you introduce a new law, an existing one must be removed to compensate
  8. I hear ya Roarin.

    Personally, I have taken most of my riding and related business (petrol, food, drink, etc) outside of the Kinglake / Heallesville area. While this inconveniences me by having to ride further out of town, I don't have to put up with as many roads with inappropriately low speed limits, solid white lines precluding legal overtaking, and police harassment. In my opinion, it's up to the locals to collectively pressure their local MP to address the situation.
  9. You mean those 4wd's that come into your lane to straighten out their corners?
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  10. I am no authority in riding or anything but over the last few months I am beginning to conclude on a few things.

    1. Once you rise above a certain skill level, riding on the road is like cruising along. Sure you will still have fun, but not so much. Try sticking to 80 clicks through Black Spur, yeah its fun but it could be more fun at 100 clicks maybe?

    2. The road is littered with hazards, 4WDs in your lane, loose gravel et al.

    3. Countless law enforcement agents either hiding in the bush or camouflaging themselves are out there in case you trip over to 84 kmph in a 80 zone.

    Roaring - 60 clicks up Kinglake is ridiculous. In complete agreement there. Many many roads are now being continuously downgraded in terms of speed limits. On a decent motorcycle it is hard work to cruise at 60 kmph. Just hard work.

    I might just be happy to own a track bike and a dirt squit and take all my riding to the track and bushland. Yes it expensive but hey its better than riding feverishly slow on roads or risk losing your license.

    Just my 2 cents on this anyway. :):angel:
  11. This is the blurb on how speed limits are set in nsw, notice there is no mention of raising limits only of lowering them


  12. What a whole lot of dribble Waedwe. In short, they set the limits how, when and where they want. They can always find an excuse.

    The thing that annoys me about the road Roarin is talking about, most cars can't go faster than 50 or 60 km/h there anyway. So it's purely targeting taking the fun out of motor bike riding. There's really going to be no point soon anymore, going on these roads. Unfortunately, that's just what they're after and a part within me tells me not to let them have an easy win.
  13. Can't or don't? I think you would be surprised to see what even a 20 year old budget car with 20 year alee broken parts can manage. and you can forget any sort of modern suspension as well.
  14. More likely big trucks and if the road is still as narrow and damaged as it was post fires in 2009 the lower limit is to allow two large vehicles to pass each other safely while heading in opposite directions.

    They've got to set the limit to suit the lowest common denominator ](*,)
  15. Setting the non-binding advisory to the lowest common denominator seems reasonable and elegant to me~ (unlike idiot proofing the binding limits)
  16. I feel those speed signs are meant to be advisory Roarin. You can take the advice or make your own judgement call. ;) You know what they say laws are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.
  17. Quoted for truth!

    Instead of the authorities lowering the speed limits all the time, I would much prefer them to keep them at a reasonable level and educate all road users that the speed limit is the speed limit, not a challenge. But no...
  18. My understanding is the corner speed signs are advisory for cars and motorcycles, but heavy vehicles must follow them. Trucks can get booked for speeding for not following those signs.
  19. Half the problem is these things called Australian Standards. Yes, there are australian standards for road design. In those standards they have guidelines showing what conditions a road should meet in order to be given a speed limit of x. Things like corner radius, lane width, traffic volume etc, all wrapped in huge amounts of cotton and wool to protect the kiddies.

    Generally they will let a road that is already there be as it is, but if use of road increases or accidents spike it will come under scrutiny, found that it doesn't suit the AS's and the proposal made is that the speed limit is decreased. That's how you gets roads like the spurs and RNP having limits cut.

    That said, the increase of various country nsw speed limits earlier in the year was a very positive step.

    How they decide on corner speed advisory I don't know but they all seem to be coming down.
  20. Forgot to mention the words "in any possible weather conditions" remembering they don't change if it's raining.