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On Road Training

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question as too who would be interested in doing on road training.
    What they would like to gain out of it.
    How much they would be prepared to pay.
    Duration of training.
    Any other info you would like to provide.

  2. What do you mean by "on road training"?

    Do you mean a trainer rides around with someone and gives them tips/demos on how to ride?
  3. Tell us more brick. Is this urban attack or twisties or freeways focused? ...or just trying to gauge interest?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  4. more like a qualified trainer rides with you, then provides instant feed back.
  5. I thinking different levels from riding around the corner to on the race track
  6. and yes, I am trying to gauge intrest
  7. When I got my P's I did the ACT day course. In it I did a short ride with the instructor, maybe 15-20km. Focused on lane position, buffering and observing/predicting traffic. Just reinforcing the basics you learn in the pre learners course. Found it to be a bit helpful. Wasn't really designed for speed or back roads riding.
  8. Thanks lucifer_mr2 thats what I'm after feedback of what you want and would like to gain.
    I was looking at more like 1 hour sessions depending on level of rider. and taylored to the rider.
  9. After I got my L's I did a course called 'learner to licence' with hart. it was a couple of years ago now but from memory it started with going over things like emergency stops, cornering etc (the basic stuff really) and that gave the instructor an idea on my skill level and then he kind of molded the rest of the day around that. Went out into the dandenong mountains and focused n cornering, road position, hazards etc aswell as stuff like hill starts and controlling the bike on steep decents so as not to get up too much speed, u turns and crap loads of aother stuff. at the time it was invaluable to me and I learned truckloads from it. think I paid about $120 for an hour and if I was in that position again I would do it in a second.
  10. Yarra ranges run instructed rides with HART instructors at $50 for the day and struggle to get numbers. So there may not be a lot of demand.
  11. Not sure about a 1-hour course, but if there was a full day course (5-6 hrs) going through different environments, freeways, twisties, urban traffic, filtering etc, I'd pay up to $300 for it and would do it every year. My goal would be to get rid of any bad habits acquired in the last year, and hopefully get some good ones nailed into my head.

    I'd have to be assured of the instructor's credentials though. Just being a better and more experienced rider than me won't be enough.
  12. Thanks vahramh for your post
    5-6 hours training on a bike would be too much for a novice rider IMO.
    I was suggesting more along the lines as progressive training, starting at basic on road skills and moving through to more advanced skill at the riders progression.
  13. I do it.
    Cost depends on how many are in the group and for how long.
    I will usually have two or three riders with me. And think three to four hours depending on how they are going.
    If their fairly basic or coming back to riding three is usually fine. I live right by where I ride so I don't have to transit to the twisties.
    Usually I keep my charge to $50 an hour CIH. So yeah depends on how many in the group. But I find three others is enough. Or all I will take.
    I think it's good to do once you have your license. It will save you some pain and grief.
    And your not there trying to succeed, to pass your test.
    Your there to have fun, learn and progress your riding skills. So the heats not on so much so to speak.
    I usually have a good day. And all my punters are repeat and word of mouth. Not that I have much time these days to take on any more work.
  14. I'd definitely like to be able to have a suitably qualified rider follow me for a few hours offering advice and training.

    I'd be happy to pay $50 to $70 an hour for quality on road instruction.
  15. $50-$70 an hour but as long as I can pay you at the end. If I lose you, then no pay.
  16. hahaha
  17. A few hours will be enough for structured tips. But to develop advanced road skills, it will need to be a series of structured lessons, each building from the one before.

    Anyway, Sixty degrees have a good 6 hr (I believe) road craft/on road skills course. It gets some good reviews. They've put a lot of thought into it.

    Brick, are you looking for some training or looking to offering it?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. Perhaps something you could do is invest in some interbike communication gear, such as the scala rider stuff, that way you could give up to the minute feedback on the riders progression rather then 'remember that corner 45 mins ago, you were badly positioned.'

    I think thats why rider training is not as popular as it should be, in a car the insturctor can tell you right then and there what your doing wrong, on a bike its pretty much like: listen to insturctor, ride alone, see what he says later. Not as helpful i feel.