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On road courtesy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sockie, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. I've noticed over the past month or so a significant decline in the level of courtesy shown between riders.

    I'm referring to guys pushing in front past other riders at lights, cutting in on other riders space and persistent failure to reciprocate the polite courtesy wave or nod.

    Dunno what's changed in the riding community around Brisbane but I think it's a shame that we seem to be losing the sense of community and respect between riders.....


  2. I only wave at someone when I pass them on the Nullabor plain, as for nodding, well that's just plain embarrassing :)
  3. Yay!! A nodding thread. This will go well.
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  4. Have you ever nodded then realised the other rider isn't going to nod, so you just move your head around like you're stretching you neck?

    No, me neither......
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  5. I'll leave nodding alone, but I do agree that there is a broader spectrum of rider attitudes in Brisbane these days. I'm guessing the changes to the lane splitting laws back in February have emboldened some riders to be a little more agressive in traffic than they used to be. Sad times when it not just the cagers you have to watch for brainless manoeuvres.
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  6. Isn't it nod when nodded at?
  7. Must be a Brisbane thing.
    No problem with camaraderie here is Sydders......... well North Shore anyway. But maybe that's because we're snobby, cliquey cnuts ;)
  8. Out in the hills, waves and nods and "police ahead" warnings are common... in the city areas, not so much. Don't stress it. If you wave at least you know your end of the social community contract is being held up.
  9. I nod, but to be honest as we see more and more bikes on the road I'm starting to wish the nod would fade away. On my daily commute I'd nod maybe 25 times at least.

    In terms of the other stuff, I've not noticed a change in Brisbane....then again I've only been riding since the start of the year. Most riders I've come across have been very conscious of me and I them.
  10. I've only recently started riding again so I can't really comment on any recent changes. Things have changed since I last rode, though. When I got my licence in 1971 everybody, even the bike cops, nodded or waved to other bikers. Guess its just a more frenetic pace of life and lots more bikers around. Bit sad, though. BTW I nod to any other rider unless concentrating on traffic - which is often as most of my riding is commuting. Not getting a nod back doesn't bother me. Nodding is about me, not them.
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    Not sure about coutesy levels dropping, but perhaps the popularity of commuting on bikes to save time is drawing a different crowd? I know on my bicycle ride yeterday I was thinking that some of the "must get their first and screw everyone else" drivers seem to have taken to bicycles. That and also Strava combined I think.

    This. Do people in rural area's give a little steering wheel wave when driving in the city? No.

    I'll nod if I'm out in the sticks.
  12. Actually, on rural back country roads, yes. Or at least around here they do...
  13. But who initiates the nod? The less dominant alpha? Which happened first: the rider or the nod? So many questions, so little nods. Nodception.
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  14. Everyone knows that the proper way to greet oncoming riders is to both stick your necks out to the side and butt heads at high speed.

    *f***ing nodding threads. Why won't they die?
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  15. Maybe I worded my sentence incorrectly. Rural drivers give a little wave everytime they pass a car. But they do not do it when they drive into the city.
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  16. Yes, I've noticed a lot less courtesy amongst riders. Nods seem to be dropping away - to the point where I've had to start accepting nods from scooter riders just to fill my nod tank up. ;)
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  17. I ride every day and can't say I have seen any changes, there has alway been the odd wanker that thinks they are the next Casey Stoner and the lesser riders should get out of their way. Oh the HD riders that won't acknowledge your existence unless you to have paid twice the price for a bike that is outdated and agricultural in appearance.
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  18. Maybe its the warmer weather hitting Bris but I've noticed an increase in bikes over the past few weeks. Sometime when filtering through stationary traffic I'll get to the lights and find another bike or two already there so rather than mix it with the cages, if possible I'll go off to one side of them. Then, when its traffic light GP time I'll make a concious effort to get into a different lane at a lower speed so they get the jump.

    I offer up the nod just when possible (except scooters). I'd say reciprocation is 50/50 at best. The other day Hayabusa man acknowledged with a massive thumbs up. Another time recently, I got a 'no' head-shake, which made me feel sad inside.
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  19. In Sydney, most riders I pass do the nod. I generally don't wave. Mind you in 2004, when I had my gs125; I've had bikers pull up next to me and laugh and i find myself doing the same when I pass men on girls toy scooters.
    Sometimes the courtesy shown is based on the machine your riding. Some bikes naturally demand street cred.
  20. Nod at everybody. Peds, bikes, cars, buses, cops. Especially cops.