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On Road Costs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ibast, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I thought we should a definitive list of On Road Costs.

    Who's bought a new bike lately, from whom, in what state and what was the brake down?

    So, for example in NSW, what was the:
    - Greenslip
    - Stamp duty,
    - Rego
    - and most importantly the Dealer and delivery charges?

    Vehicle advertising annoys me because you can't buy the vehicle for the price advertised. So I'd like to get a definitive list here, so anyone can do the maths when they see an add.
  2. I brought a new Suzuki GS500F in May here in SA (no trade in)

    RRP is $8290 + onroads

    paid cash (loverly wad of $100 bills :grin:) got it for $7,490 + onroads (those you mention + 6 months rego, maybe without the greenslip? don't think we have that)

    came to (I paid, ride away) $8,250.....

    they list here on the sales sheet

    registration 6 months
    3rd part compulsory insurance
    stamp duty and/or transfer fee
    Dealer delivery and handling fee

    then have the total $760.... so no breakdown for each item....

    however, from that $760 according to the rego papers....
    Registration and other fees $372.00
    CTP Ins. prem (excl. GST) $69.78
    GST on CTP Ins. $6.22
    Total $448.00

    leaving (not sure about the stamp duty? or is that in with the rego?) dealer Delivery of $312.00


  3. For those not in NSW (QLD too?) a greenslip is the compulsory Third party insurance portion of your rego. Here they privatised it to make it cheaper. It usually around $600 in NSW
  4. I nearly bought a spada from sumoto. They advert said $4200 and this was confirmed over the phone. When I went in for a look around it worked out that there was nearly $1000 in on roads. Buyer beware. I think it's a dealer thing to not include on roads.
  5. RRP of my Husky was $11,990

    Paid $11,000 + on-roads - around $820, which was made up of Rego, CTP and Stamp Duty on transfer - NO dealer delivery cost.

    Everything is negotiable, ask for the ride away price at a few dealers.
  6. EVERY bike is different. For example, in Victoria
    - the dealer delivery charges change according to the dealer (I have heard of up to $1000 ! )
    - the stamp duty changes by $ of bike price, and by new vs secondhand
    - the rego changes by size of engine and what suburb the buyer lives in.

    IF you buy comprehensive or TPP insurance, that's extra too.

    So there you go, you gotta ask. Yep, just ask for ride-away price with full rego and everything paid.
  7. $1000 on rds for a $4200 bike.. Theres another good reason to stay away from there.. :evil: Its about $1k on rds for a $18k bike.. :shock:
  8. I'm aware of this, but the point is they are trying to get you to ask, to get you "in the door". to circumvent this I was hoping to document it a bit.

    Does the dealer and delivery change between dealer or just brands? Car companies limit (thereby setting) the dealer and delivery charges for their dealer networks.
  9. It wasnt quite $1000 but close to it. $575 was just for the rego then there was stamp duty plus some other odds and ends. Make it law to have the on road price on the sticker is what I say.
  10. I had no idea they charged according to location...is that really true????
  11. In VIC at least it is true. The TAC injury insurance part of your registration
    is different depending on your postcode. Most metro areas are maximum cost, outer fringes and country cites are medium, and country areas are cheapest. If you move house to the country, your rego will be cheaper next time around!
  12. So, so far all we have is:
    - "Government" charges for a new bike incl 6 months rego in SA is approximately $450 ($8290 bike)
    - Dealer and deliver charges for a Suzuki, but at an unkown dealer is $312
    - "Government" charges for a new $12000 bike in NSW is approximately $800, with 12 months rego.

    I would have thought there were more new purchases out there.
  13. New Bike in NSW.
    Ducati Monster, $13,000 + orc & DD
    ORC - Rego $134, Stamp Duty $390, Green Slip ?? ($310 quote from NRMA) = $834
    Dealer Delivery - $530
    Total Cost - $14, 364