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on road costs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tluong, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. hey guys,
    i've tried to do searching in this forum but i couldnt find any information on ORC. i'm looking to get a 6k new bike and was wondering if anyone would know how much the ORC would be. i've heard there is a motorcycle levy (thanks bracksy) but i dont know how much that will be.

  2. well theres rego and TAC thats about $400 -$500 ish, some places charge dealer pre delivery not sure how much $$ and then theres your insurance if you so choose, depending on your age, bike, where you live, what type of insurance you want that could be anywhere from a few hundred to well over a grand.
  3. Bike tax is $50.

    Here's some info for Vic rego.
  4. To give you an idea of reg....I just paid the reg on the CBX250 which was about $390.00 including the levy, etc. Mine was about $520.00 on the 900SS. Depends on engine size a little, but you should get a good idea from that range.

  5. If its a brand new bike with a $6k rrp price tag on it then I'd expect to be riding it away from the dealer for $6.5k (not including insurance). $6k + ORC sounds awfully a lot like the cost of a GPX250.

    If its a used bike with a $6k price tag then it says ORC is extra (from a dealer) , I'd say its likely you'll ride it away for $6k (assuming they have to register it and provide a RWC).

    I'm sure there's people out there who'll say that "you can do better" but I think what I've written is the more likely result.
  6. Hi Guys, i'm about to register my CBR250rr.
    What is th absolute minimum insurance that I need? (NSW)
    Third Party Property insurance or CTP Greenslip?

    what is the difference between the two? do I need both if not which one do i need?

    thanks in advance.
  7. Hi e!
    You will have to have your CTP Greenslip done to have your bike registered. That is the minimum - but it only covers medical costs to others.

    If you hit a car - you pay for the car AND your bike.

    Next step is Third Party Property insurance - this means that if you hit a car, you pay a limited[relatively small] excess and insurance takes care of that car, BUT your bike isn't covered by your insurance.
    I have an FZR250 and I live in the Hills district, in Sydney. I just have 3rd party prop and it costs about $175 with NRMA... but if I hit a Ferrari, I'm not screwed for life :)

    After that is Full Comprehensive insurance - which covers both other person's property AND your bike.
    This might be worth it if you have a good history and a giant no-claim bonus. But if they want a couple of grand premium to insure your bike then you may have to consider whether it's worth it.

    You really really really should get 3rd party property insurance AT LEAST
    Here's a thread by some poor bugger who didn't have it! :shock:
  8. thanks for clearing that up Ktulu. thats really helpful.
  9. No worries, mate.
    Keep your eye on the NSW Ride Events forum and come out with us sometime!

    There's a few learners and P-platers in the various groups so don't be scared if you're new to riding.

    The more the merrier :)
  10. i got an insurance quote from swan....1.3k full compo.
    learner...never had any rating before. not even for car.

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  11. Add your location to your profile if you want a definative answer. However, at 6K purchase price you're looking at $200-250 stamp duty plus transfer fee, rego and third party personal (the other person if you're not in Vic) insurance. All up it could be around $500 on top of the purchace price.

    On top of that, expect to pay around $85-$100 for third party property insurance. My oppinion is that if you don't do that then you are a complete dick and deserve the 100's of thousands you may have to cough up if you trash a Merc during a oopsie moment, so just pay it and enjoy yourself ok. :grin:
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