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+ On Road Costs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by 7up, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    i am about to purchase my first brand new bike, up until now they have been used.

    On Road Costs. What are they made up of?

    The bike i am looking at is $14 890 RRP. Went to the dealer to look at it, by the time i got out of there it was $16 500 ride away. It is a fair jump from RRP. Do the ORC's vary from dealer to dealer?

    Bike is Triumph 675.

    any help appreciated...
  2. Im pretty sure its the same for all dealers, you could pretty easily I rekon get the bike for the price be4 onroads rideaway if you know how to haggle.
  3. Not sure, but I know it will include 12 months rego, maybe stamp duty and a transfer fee?

    I know here in Vic for 2nd hand stuff, it costs $40 per thousand of value to transfer into another name.

    So, let's say:

    $400 rego.
    $600 Transfer.

    That's a grand right there, and maybe there are "Dealer delivery charges"

    Edit: I checked out a CBF250 yesterday (RRP = $5490), and drive/ride away was $6300.
  4. When I bought my VTR I paid $7900 for the bike, $200 stamp duty, $56 rego cost and $165 freight and delivery. Plus insurance and Rego.
    Also I got a very good deal on my gear.
  5. Pink Slip, registration, CTP insurance, dealer delivery charges (eg. to unpack from crate, assemble, fluids, etc.)

    Yes .. as per above, with some haggling you should be able to reduce that considerably. Depending upon the bike, how much the dealer wants the sale, and your haggling ability it's resonably regular enough to get a bike ride-away for at least the sticker price only - often less.

    Still very new, and in demand. So your haggling ability may be diminished. As with everyhting, shop around and let the various dealers know your serious and see who comes up with the best price - it's the same product no matter where you get it!

    Also, instead of reducing total price some dealer may instead throw in free gear or free servicing etc.
  6. In NSW ...

    Price of stampduty is 3% of bike price, brand spanking new or 2nd hand. In you case this will be $446.70 if $14 890 RRP is the correct price tag.
    + reg fee $49
    + motor vehicle tax $47
    + std plate issue fee $33.00 (because you will be issued new plates)
    + Green slip, price of this is determinded by size of bike & where you live.

    Then your yearly renewal costs will be
    Pink slip ( being a NEW bike you wont require one for a couple of years )
    green slip
    rego ( which includes reg fee & motor vehicle tax )
  7. in Vic, a $14,890 675 + ORC = about $16,200
  8. Normally you could reduce the costs of on roads a lot, or even entirely if the dealers keen to bargain.
    You'll be screwed on the 675 though, because it's brand new, going to be very popular, and triumph always have limited numbers of most of their models so waiting lists are standard.

    Triumph dealer in Newcastle seem like nice guys. I was an obvious timewaster- You generally get ignored in a bike shop if you're a young dude, because they know you can't afford anything. But the guy took his time out to go through a few things I was curious about. I'll definetly go back there if I can ever afford a Triumph.

    We should set up some sort of newcastle ride when you get the bike? Keen?
  9. No, not the same for all dealers. Reg, CTP, these are the same, but dealer pre-delivery is set by each dealer. It's basically what they charge to put the bike together and get it ready to ride away.

    On a bike that is readily available yes, but on a bike like a 675 that has a 3mth waiting list atm, unlikely I would reckon. Simple supply and demand.

    I got my new bike last week for the list price, no ORC, plus some free extra's.