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On road costs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know exactly how on road costs are made up for both new and used bikes?

    I know that stamp duty is 4% but what other things get lumped in?

  2. On roads for a new bike is usually about a grand. My new $14,990 bike is $16,000 ride away.
  3. It's stuff like rego, road taxes, that injury insurance thing everyone has, delivery charges etc.
  4. Rotten isn't it?

    Whatever happened to clear pricing?
  5. As I just had to go through all this:

    4% of purchase price for a second hand bike
    or 2.5% of purchase price for a new bike

    (this is why when buying privately it is sometimes a good idea to get the guy who's selling you the bike to put a lower, but still beleiveable, price on the transfer form)

    plus about $500 for a year's worth of registration / tarriffs / inn-sewer-ants / etc
  6. The reason I ask is that without knowing what is in there it will be very easy to be ripped off.

    How would I know if that ride away price has a little extra commission for Mr dodgy salesman in it or not? 8-|
  7. The info is on the PrickToads website. [100kb PDF]

    For a motorcycle sale:

    $5- transfer fee.


    $8 for every $200 stamp duty (Second-Hand bike)
    $5 for every $200 stamp duty (NEW bike)
  8. It does work both ways though.

    When I bought my bike, at first I wasn't aware that the displayed price included stamp duty and rego. Suddenly the bike seemed much more of a bargain.

    The price you see 'should' be the price you pay. None of this "plus on road costs" crap.
  9. OK so we got....

    1. Transfer fee $5
    2. Stamp duty 2.5 - 4%
    3. Rego

    Does a new bike need a RWC? I mean if it aint roadworthy when new....
    Any other onroad costs I am missing?
  10. insurance would be the only other that comes to mind..

    although strictly speaking this isnt an "on road" cost, everyone should have at least third party insurance.

    You'd hate it if someone was at fault for a smash and didnt have insurance, wouldn't you?
  11. 4% on second hand bike?
    mine cost 650. whoot
  12. I rang vic roads and was told rego was $375 and that if it wasn't registered alread there was the plate on top of that.
  13. Why? All vehicles sold for road use have to have "on road costs". If that's factored in as a total price, sure, you know what you're up for. But it makes it a bit harder to work out exact costs. ie: how much of the purchase price is tax, and what is the "capital" cost.

    For cars within my price range, I usually factor in around $2-3,000 for onroads. As I haven't bought a bike in quite a while, it's never really been an issue.

    As for ongoing costs, well, they are what they are. It's nice to know how they break the taxes/duty, etc down for whinging purposes, I s'pose. But not much else as we can do little about it.
  14. motor vehicles and real estate I believe are in the same boat with what is best explained as "hidden costs". Of course I believe it is simply to confuse us. As these many of these costs vary from state to state I can in a small way understand why it is the case with motor vehicles. For example if state A advertised a bike at $16000 and another at $16500 which state would you buy from. So I think party as a marketing and probably legislative they advertise the bike price as say $15,199 + ORC. What this really means is the dealers can blame rego, stamp duty etc for the ORC component but they also charge delivery, and bike assembly costs in that. I believe ORC to be to dealers the "cream". I say this because ORC seem to vary from dealer to dealer, yet the bike cost can remain the same...hmmmmmmm

    When I have dealt with a dealer I make it clear in the begining that I am only interested in bottom line numbers. For example I have a price in mind, I tell the sales person this is how much I have to spend now, this is what I want can they help me? If they dont seriously want to help me I find someone who can.

    I do believe however that ORC must be broken down for you by the seller, although I could be wrong. And from my experience what ORC amounts do vary from dealer to dealer.

    Just as a thought can you imagine telling a finance company you accept their interest rate of X% less "your paying it costs"......

  15. I think the reason the ORC are not included is that they vary from person to person based on where they live etc.

    I know that the TAC charge varies dependant upon what zone you live ie. High Risk (Inner city), Medium Risk (Outer Suburbs), Low Risk (Rural).

    In fairness they don't won't to make people pay more than they should nor would they like to absorb the cost of the people who need to pay higher ORC.

    Also the Franchise/Manufacturers don't give a damn about state & local charges that is up to the consumer, they simply instruct their shops a minimum nett figure that they expect their product to be sold.
  16. When I buy something, all that I want to know is how much is it going to cost me. The very last thing I want to do is to start calculating the total cost (especially buying new, which is a minefield of hidden costs and charges - just try looking through Vicroads website). If I really want to know how much tax I have paid I can look at the receipt.
  17. Too true. When I'm looking for my upgrade, I'll be pushing the same line with the dealers: "What's my ride-away price?" Ultimately, I care how much I'm out of pocket, not how much the bike costs, how much the taxes are, etc.

    Private buying, I guess, is another matter.
  18. yer well do u pay stamp duty at rta( nsw equivellent to vicroads?) as the pplz dat sold me the bike says yer u will get fixed up at rta.... wit a innocent look in there eye (NOT!!!)???