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QLD On Road Costs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by spottedninja, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what the on road costs are. I bought a bike 5 months ago and have just received my rego renewal in the mail. I was under the impression that 12 months rego was included on a new vehicle. Is someone able to clarify this for me.

    Spotted Ninja
  2. Most dealers will give you 12 months on a new vehicle, often 3 months on a used one. It's usually something you would negotiate at point of sale I would think.
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    The last new bike I bought was sold with only 6 months too. I was aware of it though at the time of sale and to be honest it didnt worry too much as it offsets the insurance and rego bills apart 6 months once the intial 6 months rego is up and you renew for 12.
    I have noticed that some dealerships in QLD do this as standard practise because the price looks slightly better on paper. If you read the fine print on the paperwork you received upon purchase it will be mentioned somewhere in the fine print.
  4. My experience with dealerships for used bikes: It is all in the contract when you bought the bike and signed all the paperwork.

    If they sell it with rego (for used bikes), it will be indicated in the bike ad (this is what the previous owner paid up to). I found out for my CB400 that they do not sell it with rego (ie no mention on the ad=doesn't come with rego!). So on the contract they calculated and added on 6 months rego, if you want longer rego you will pay accordingly, unless they are doing you a special deal with "free on-roads" like some Honda new bike deals (still usually 6 months).

    I got a good tip which I wish I knew earlier. If you are trading in your bike for another one which comes with no rego, make sure you take off the rego plate from your old bike and tell them you are trading in your bike with no rego, and claim back the remaining rego from QLD Transport. Because some dealerships just get the refund from your old bike rego and resell it with no rego!
  5. When I bought a brand new car a few years ago, I managed to negotiate a significant discount - but I didn't read the final purchase contract closely enough to notice that in doing so they'd reduced the included rego from twelve months to six... so guess it's not an uncommon thing for dealers to do.