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On Road Costs : $2500???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by papermate, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Hey, Im looking at a new Kwaka 636.

    $10,500 plus on road.

    they tell me stamp duty - plus reg - plus dealer delivery is going to be about $$2500.

    is this right. whats stamp duty on a bike, same as cars? 3% ish?

    DO i have to pay the dealer delivery, has anyone got out of this?

    any info appreciated.
  2. Everything is negotiable.
  3. No, not everything is negotiable; the dealer will always charge 'delivery costs', which is to cover uncrating and building up the machine, the initial consumables, cleaning up and presenting the bike for sale/delivery, mechanic's wages, etc.
  4. simple round the price up to the nearest $200 so $10600 stamps is at what the state roads charge. if its 3% then $318 add 12 months rego and some state roads charge $33 dollars or so to register and $13 dollars number plate fee.

    It legally has to be transperent, and the dealer has to disclose it, or look up vic roads, nsw roads, your state and work it out.
  5. Psst, where are you getting a NEW 636 for that price?? :D
  6. um... yeah.... not telling. lol. im still restricted till november. it is slightly possible, but unlikely it will still be there....

    its not that hard to find though, seriously, think where's the most obvious place that kwakas are sold.....

    i will prob buy back in november of someone who has little on the clock. i find the 636 more comfortable than the new 07 zx6r...
  7. I'd say you aren't getting a new 636 for $10,500, you're getting a 636 for $13,000 ride away. Of the on road costs, the only 'true' cost is the gov't charges, everything else is the value that they assign to the PDI. Having seen the quality of the PDI on my SV, I'd say it takes them about 90s.

    Incidentally, I didn't think the 636 was a current model, it must be a 2006 run out, probably supported by Kawasaki Australia with dealer discounts.

  8. :shock: ummmm when you say "new", Im assuming you dont mean "new" because (a) last time i checked (granted a couple months ago) the RRP for a 2007 zx6r was ~$15500 and (b) they dropped the 636 (636cc) in favour of the 599cc (still calling it the zx6r).

    Not trying to be a pric, just hoping I wont be kicking myself for not waiting a couple months on my purchase.....
  9. 1. Don't think there should be any delivery on 636.
    2. Most one should pay in VIC for On Roads is Circa ~$1200 assuming around $10k in price.

    For a 636 wouldn't pay more than ~9k on-road, given that you can pick up a brnad new ZX6 for 14k onroad.
  10. you beat me cejay! :wink:

    even an '06 at for that price (assuming non-demo and no kms) is a pretty good deal.
  11. are you friggin serious!?!
  12. A mate of mine got an ex-demonstrator k5 636 on the road for $13k and that was a pretty sweet deal at the time.

    Sounds pretty much fair, dude.
    If you've got connections and can get CTP cheaper than the dealer can or something, then you can request that they NOT provide CTP and that you'll arrange it: the price should then reduce by that amount.
  13. Don't know where Papermate is located, but if in Vic., it doesn't work like that. Here, you have to pay the TAC the Third Party premium, which is standardised.
    'Course, he could be up there under your rules...
  14. team homo parramatta

    2 x blue 06 models new for $10500+ ORC

    tell em you will take it as is as you want to send it interstate or race it
  15. Yeh, you should be able to pay just the rrp, but you would have to have your own ute to take it away and etc, and you cant ride it until its registered.
  16. sort of , you can ride it to the inspection station then off to the RTA and register it yourself

    but either way a ute i cheaper than $2500 :)
  17. You've never heard of "Drive away no more to pay" deals?

    As was said, everything is negotiable.
  18. $2500 seems rather steep to me. I've been quoted $1500 for delivery and ORC on a $15,000 Ducati and $1200 delivery + ORC on a $14,000 Kawasaki.
  19. This is what pisses me off about the larger bike dealers, in fact the trade as a whole, which is so lacking in transparency. I have bought 2 new bikes from small independent dealers, the delivery charge was never more than $250. A bike can be advertised for a seemingly stunning discount, but then, surprise, surprise, ring up for a deal and the delivery charge is $1500! for putting on the front wheel and handlerbars. Anyone who pays this is just feeding the dodgy nature of the industry. Object, people!
  20. something tells me u guys dont know how to hustle. i would assume margins on bikes would be relatively similar to that or car retail or if u think about it any big ticket retail outlet. rrp is recomended retail, bust some sales peoples balls make em sweat an get yourself a deal. generally wen u buy these things they can easily afford to sell it to u for the tag price on the road easily, so husstle there is always at least 10% or more leway. rrp and retail "dealer delivery prices" are for idiots who dont care about wat they do with there money.

    although price is a big thing, the level of service and after sale support can be the key. as in the long run it will save u money and possibly alot of hasstle with warranty issues servicing etc.