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On road cost

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lui, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. What does on road cost consist of? Is it like cars?

    - dealer delivery
    - stamp duty
    - registration
    - green slip

    Say a bike retails for $16,000, roughly how much is on road cost?

    I know for cars you can usually get 8% to 10% off the list price, is the same apply to bikes?

    By when do 2010 bikes arrive? Nov/Dec 2009? In other words when is a good time to buy (when there's cashback/rebate)?

  2. Call a dealer, they are now required to advise you of the ride away price.
  3. Manufacturers almost always list the recommended retail price, and dealers will give you a ride away price. Subtract one from the other, and that is your on-road costs, which includes the dealer delivery, stamp duty, rego and CTP.

    Rego and CTP costs differ from state to state, which is why manufacturers find it difficult to list a ride away price, and leave it up to a dealer.

    Be careful of cashback deals, as the fine print may mean you have to have it serviced at a certain dealer (the one you bought it from), which may not be your favourite mechanic who can also do log book servicing.
    Better to try and negotiate the cashback offer as a discount off the price at the time of sale.