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on/off road tires for learner

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jack91, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I bought a yamaha ttr 250 yesterday. Which i plan to do my learners on and use as a commuter (possibly 60+k's a day) and a weekend off road bike. The bike currently has knobby tires on it (not sure if they are street legal) which from what i know are tricky on tarmac at the best of times.

    I will be changing the tires when i feel ready to travel with cars, so if anyone can recommend a good on/off road tire you could be potentially saving my life.
  2. some knobby tyres are street legal, but do move around a bit.

    so you're going to have a set of road tyres, and a set of dirt tyres yes? most tyres with good on road manners arent close to a knobby tyre offroad.

    ummm, i would recommend the pirelli MT90 A/T, it performs extremely well on bitumen and is original equipment on the ktm 990 adventure i think.

    i had a set of them when i started riding on the bitumen, when you can confidently outride these tyres you will be a pretty handy rider.

    but as you say you are only commuting, maybe a set of trail-wings are better suited. these are not as good as the pirellis but fine for commuting.
  3. Shinko 244's and Shinko 700's are well renowned for being a good sticking, long wearing (last a while) tyre on the tarmac while still performing and wearing remarkably well once you hit the dirt. They are also very cheap, and look good.
  4. Best to buy some tYres then as they are better than things that tire you out.
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  6. I intend to use the bike on road during the week and off road on the weekend, on one set off tyres. The pirelli's don't look as capable off road as the shinko's.

    Also has anyone had Dunlop D605, if so what did you think of them?
  7. i have ridden alot of places on the pirellis, the shinko's are cheap for a reason. you have to take everything you read on 'adventure bike forums' with a grain of salt, because honestly most of the people on there cannot ride a bike properly and do not understand what things make a bike work.

    D605 i have used also, which isn't too bad but being a 50/50 tyre its not great on bitumen and not great on dirt. wear is reasonable.

    but riding knobbies on the bitumen is fine, you just have to learn to let the bike move around underneath you. i started out riding knobbies on the bitumen and now i can ride quite well.

    a set of michelin t63's may be good, or a set of pirelli mt 21. i would advice against metzeler tkc80 as they walk around a fair bit for the grip you get offroad.
  8. I think i'll go with the pirelli mt 21's. Anyone know how much they are?
  9. Have a look at the Michelin AC 10 tyres, probably more suited to the dirt but will hold up on the road ok.

    Make sure any tyre you use for road use has "DOT" stamped on the sidewall, otherwise its unroadworthy.
  10. It actually has an ac 10 on the front and an illegal knobby on the back, i've been looking at all the tyres suggested and none of them are made 80/100-21, 100/100-18 except for the ac 10's.