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N/A | National On my weekend ride(s) I spent $

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Dec 12, 2010.


I went riding this weekend and spent:

Poll closed Dec 27, 2010.
  1. $0

    4 vote(s)
  2. $1 - $10

    2 vote(s)
  3. $11 - $20

    10 vote(s)
  4. $21 - $30

    7 vote(s)
  5. $31 - $40

    13 vote(s)
  6. $41 - $50

    17 vote(s)
  7. $51 - $80

    19 vote(s)
  8. $81 - $100

    5 vote(s)
  9. > $100

    10 vote(s)
  1. A couple of other threads have been discussing the economic benefit that local communities derive from motorcyclists. However there does not see to be a lot of data so here is a straw poll of Netrider members, be honest.

    I went riding on my favorite roads this weekend and I spent:

  2. Are we including petrol in this?

    I wouldn't because you aren't really supporting local business.
  3. Hmm, I did they are local stations even if the majority of the money goes to the Government and Oil companies. I am trying to demonstrate that motorcycling supports local communities. If the traffic through the station was not as high perhaps it would close? Weekend traffic contributes to keeping those businesses running.
  4. One days riding,
    Fuel, usually around $40-00, coffee x 2 $8-00 Pie and sauce, cake, sandwich. $12-00
    $60-00 dollars on average,

    But If I am a long way from home, tea for two, another $50-00, it does mount up quickly, Plus overnight accomodation, another $100-00 plus breakfast, $15-00 plus more fuel.
    Spent in some country town, where ever I happen to be,

    $60-00 dollars for one days riding,
    $285-00 approx for a weekend,

    Thats with out counting any thing spent on luxuries or nick nacks, icecreams or drinks,

    My fun has just become expensive, Why did you ask this question, Now I am upset, but it wont stop me riding.

    And a woman on the back increases the costs as well.
  5. I never thought it would Brian ;)
  6. I always wondered where my money was going, and now that I know, it makes me upset.

    WHHHHYYY!?!?!? ](*,):cry::cry::cry:
  7. generally:

    * $20-40 fuel
    * $20 on lunch
    * $8-15 on drinks (water, hot drinks, milkshake etc)
    * $5-10 on snacks

    * $70-180 on accom if it's overnight
    * $20 on breakfast
  8. Yes, fair enough I suppose. The only thing they would provide is local employment whereas bakeries and what not can do local charity (eg. free bread for sausage sizzle, etc..). BUT, employment is good enough to keep it there, I suppose.

    I probably spent around $40-50 this weekend.. filled up twice, got lunch once and got a sausage + drink from at the toy run.
  9. If im just doing a daily, between 30 and 40.
    Fuel up before i leave, fill up at destination, get a drink or two, maybe a bite, come home.

    As Hol says, overnighters are a different kettle of fish. Easily $150+ unless i take a tent.
  10. one hundred bikes pull up in Marysville,
    $15-00 for fuel, $15-00 for lunch, on average,
    $3000-00 Minimum just got added to the local economy of Marysville.
  11. i don't get to go on decent rides, so cost for me on top of fuel is just lunch and a drink, $10-15 depending on what i fancy
  12. Went on a ride to Warrnambool and back on Saturday (along with nine or so others), so let me see if I can work out how much I spent all over the place.

    Fuel stops: Mount Gambier, Hamilton, Warrnambool, Millicent.
    (Two were just top-ups, so I'm guessing around $40 total).
    Misc drinks etc along the ride: $20
    (no alcohol, damn L plate lol).
    Lunch at the pub in Warrnambool: $13.50
    (coulda spent $16+ on a snitty etc, but man the bangers n mash was awesome)!

    So just over $70 myself. Those that were having a couple of brews throughout the day would have put in a lot more. Where we stopped along the way were also mostly places I'd never stop at while driving a car.

    edit: and almost every place we stopped at was more than happy to see us "bikers"... bar the service station attendant who got a little upset when one of our group decided to light a cig near the pumps, oops! lol
  13. Longest ride I've done was from Sydney to Canberra. It was during the week and i had a swimming carnival on but I decided not to go so I went to Canberra for some lunch. Cost me about $10 from Woollies :D
  14. My yearly gloat.....

    I went for a ride with a close mate today up the old PAC. Two rsv4's, petrol + drinks + food all paid for without spending a sausage!!! If that's how the wealthy live, I want in!!
  15. Just got home from a weekend blast.

    Me and my parter, my Trumpy Sprint @6.5 litres / 100km and her R1 at about 7. Big weekend trip covering 1500km.

    1500km each @ average $1.35 for 98 oct = about $275

    Accom = $120 for el cheapo cvan park units. Food prob $150+...didn't keep count just ate and drank when felt like it.

    Local businesses and servos did well out of us - esp bakeries (mmmmm, vanilla slice...)

    Dusted our tyres too but given prev wear N/A here ;)
  16. Why don't you get to go on decent rides?
  17. On average everyday I head out to the hills I spend around the $100 mark. Ride a thirsty V-twin.

    typically head out with around ten riders at a time.

    I know of a motorcycle shop that has a ride on each month with 30+ bikes. It all adds up very quickly.

    ...and a business doesn't have to be doing a roaring trade to stay in business, but it does have to have cash flow. No point paying staff to stand around all day and do nothing, they'll end up closing their doors. Local economies rely on both money coming in, as well as sharing it around.
  18. The lady at the KV Pie Shop didn't seem to mind the lunchtime rush on Saturday...
  19. Depends where I'm going.

    $24 for fuel (two tanks-ish) and about $30-70 on lunch + dinner depending how swanky I'm feeling for a normal weekend. Sometime a bit more on fuel and something to cook up for tea if I'm venturing further afield.

    Last ride was $120 on fuel and about $180 on nosh, groceries and a killer bottle of red and about $30 for a few random bits. Camped though so accommodation was free.
  20. Spent less than normal for the weekend but more than normal during the weekday on the bike. I was physically buggered after an all day MOST course on Friday, with the very humid conditions and <3hr sleep the day before. Also trying to get in the good books this week so I could attend next weeks Homebush BBQ (so was on the weekend house cleaning and family mode).

    Only riding I did was Blacktown->Windsor->Richmond->Windsor->Penrith->Homebush->Blacktown (appart from little local rides to the shops). It was a great weather too and seemed like all the Sydney riders were out and about enjoying their steeds. So all up was about a tankful ($14) for fuel and $10 coffee for the weekend on the bike. Did another 200km on an LPG cage packed with BBQ stuff/beer and drinks.