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On my P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Becka8, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Just got my P's in March as my L's was going to expire. Still not 100% confident and looking for some fellow riders to go riding with mostly on weekends. I live in the South East suburbs....
    Let me know if you are keen.....

  2. Hii Becka, plenty of riders in your neck of the woods and some great roads too. Even in this cool weather I bet you're keen to get out on the VTR. Before long there'll be offers from riders willing to show you the ropes.

    With a few months riding experience you may want to consider coming along on a Learner friendly weekend group ride up to Bright and surrounds later in the year that I'll be running.

    In the meantime, jump on that bike and go for it!
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  3. And don't forget Saturday practice in Elwood. Go into the thread and ask for an escort if you need one.
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  4. Yea,go to a carpark and do circles.That will excite ya.
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  5. Get into your neighbours front yard and roost their roses into next week !
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  6. Hi becka, a fellow P plater from the south east (Narre warren). Let me know if you want to go for a ride around

    Shoot a PM or something :)
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  7. where the fkuc is crisis ?

    o hello
  8. Thumb print on forehead
  9. dads banned him
  10. like fcuk he has....AY...BECKA - ARE YOU HOT OR WHAT?

    arlennn is also looking for someone to ride in the south-east so shoot him a pm (y)

    ugh...terribly sorry ...someone to ride with**** :)
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  11. I'm in the south east and need someone to ride with. Gimme a buzz if you want to ride.
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  12. Also from South East, likely go for a ride tomorrow depending on the weather if you or anyone else on the thread are keen for a squirt.
    Happy to go as fast or as slow as needed
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  13. You fellas are a over a year behind me...

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  14. selfy quotes
    yep we are behind
  15. Hi Becka, welcome to NR
    @kRaZeD is good to ride with, give him a shout ;)
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  16. Click the arrow (may not be there on your phone) which will take you to Becka's welcome thread in I think Jan last year, which is what my quote is from. Smart arse :D
  17. Thanks everyone for your replies. Sounds like I will have a few riding buddies. ('',)
  18. Of course you will!
  19. +1 for krazed...he's good people.
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  20. Shucks guys, you're going to make me blush...
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