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On my full licence at last!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hyssy, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Woohoo! And about damn time, too!

    Popped up to the RTA at Frenchs Forest, and no one was waiting. First time I've ever got a ticket and walked straight to the counter. Blah blah, fill out the form, pay the fee "It'll be ready in about 3 minutes, take a seat and I'll call you."

    15 minutes later....

    They must like making you wait that bit longer after the P period. But still, no more restrictions!


    I have the bike shop sorting out the finance for my CBR600F4i now, faxed them my new shiny licence.....Bike should be ready on saturday.

    Ooh yeah :cool:
  2. Well done mate its a great feeling aint it. Nice choice of ride for your first bike to :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  3. nice one! the f4i is a great looking bike. interesting you need a new licence in NSW, you just hold onto the old one in VIC.. i think.

    finance ehh? did you get a good deal with the bike store, did you have much of a deposit to start with?
  4. Congratulations :) Yesterday was my first day off restrictions, I have an idea how you feel \o/ :grin:
  5. Congrats Hyssy! I got mine too last week. Its a great feeling. I have to start shopping for a bike soon, and I am going to enjoy every test ride! Great choice of bike. It has a tad more poke than a CB250!
  6. Spud, you're on the northshore too...check out Brookvale Freedom Motorcylces. It's where I've been going all along, from Ls to now. Excellent service and flexibility.
  7. Nine days for me... Can't wait.

    Congrats Hyssy!!
  8. After a few finance problems (mainly my employer not returning calls to confirm I work where I said I did...) I get the bike tomorrow. They called and said it was all ready.

    I'm so nervous. The journey back...jeez up beacon hill road and a few intimidating corners...I've been on a 600F before at St Ives and it felt pretty easy...but you know the feeling...night before...exciting!

    Can't wait though.
  9. Lucky Bugger! Ive heard the F4i is a pretty sweet ride, have fun!! :)
  10. I have it now...

    My god it's gorgeous.

    Had a little run through with the shop about what does what, this goes there, saw the funky lil oil level meter. Then went off for a ride up to mona vale.

    I love.
  11. just got my unrestricted today :) so im gonna be doing alot of sitting and test rides :):):):):):):)

    hyssy congrats
  12. nice i wish i had an f4i
  13. Congrats to all you 'new' riders. Please enjoy, but please be careful, we don't want a parade of new gravel and fairing rashes, all right??? :grin:
  14. Thanks everyone, and congrats to aviper4u aswell :grin:

    Just came in for the day. I've done around 120ks so far. Going around the block a few times, out to an old house and then in to the city to work (Me? Show off? Never!). I have to say it's the smoothest thing I've ever ridden :wink:
    I was bricking it when I first got on it, and stalled it about 6 times today when trying to move away. But! Now I'm pretty much used to the weight, and balance. Can sit it fine on a slope. Cornering is bliss. Especially so after being on the CB250 for the past 15 months. Corners I didn't like, or found a bit tight on that were just bliss. The speed of the thing gives me constant reminder to treat it with respect.

    But I couldn't be happier. Now I'm zipping about like nobodies business. And with my birthday in 3 months I smell a Givi rack :p

    If you want a new bike...go test a 600F4i, before they all run out. :!:

    And the pics...



  15. Congrats Hyssy, she look the goods mate.

    Seem alot are getting the full licence the week ,happy shoping for new bikes.