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On Monday, I become a scooter rider!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fundies, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Wow, who would of thought! Anyway, Ive been riding road bikes since I was 17(Im 42 now), all sorts, fast and slow. I just sold my VTR1000 and on Monday pick up my shiny new Bolwell Arriba 125. $3990 on road from scooteria in sydney. My wife and family think Ive gone mad buying a "faggio". With a budget of $4000 max. I hope Ive made the right decision. Took the TGB 303RS for a test ride as well, but wasnt near as good to ride as the Bolwell (harsher over bumps, mirrors crap, less leg room, less get up and go than the bolwell despite being a 150cc). Ive had my fun on big road bikes, but to be honest I was getting the S**ts spending more time looking at the speedo to avoid getting tickets, than enjoying the ride. Not to mention $500 plus for rego, $500 plus for a new set of tyre every year etc, etc. Im keeping an open mind about the scoot, but had a ball on the test ride. Just wondering if anyone else has one of these scooters and if so, how has it been. Is it a good choice compared to a jap or euro scooter.Hope to visit this site more often. Cheers

  2. You did what? :shock:
  3. Surely you're taking the mickey :shock:
  4. Aaarrriba!
    I hope it serves you well; as a rule the Bollwells represent a pretty good, well put together and solid value for money package. The guys at Scooteria are quite good too... hopefully you'll be happy.
  5. I just bought the Euro MX 150 and it goes just right for me. The finer points seemed to be better than the TGB303 - colour,finish,speed, ride. I am about to give its 1K klm service so I will tell you how it pulls up after. I would like a little bit of control over suspension setup, but I think if you weigh over 90kgs you may have to get the shop look at it. I didn't know how the single shock over the back would go in the country, but so far it seems OK. 110kmh on a flat road keeps me going. :shock: :)
  6. So, there goes the wisdom "scooter riders go on and buy bikes"!!! Fundies, you've done the opposite.

    So, are we going to run book of how soon it will be before you go out and buy a smaller bike, perhaps a 600, or something like that, as well as the scoot???

    Anyway, welcome to the friendly forum, and bring the beastie along to the next coffee night, you'd be most welcome there too....... Homebush Bay Brewery, see the thread in the Events section, or at the bottom of any of Dante's posts.
  7. first scooter

    To fartsak, I weigh about 80kg, so hopefully the suspension can handle the weight okay. Is there no adjustment at all, even on the rear shock? And to those stunned at a "step back" from a big bike, I'm not saying I'm not getting another big roadie, but for now, the scooter should suit my needs.
  8. speechless :shock: :shock:

    :LOL: nar, if getting around is all you want to do, and you cant be arsed riding a treadly, then a scooters not a bad choice. $10 says your family hires someone to make sure your not going to the blue oyster bar each night tho :p :p :p
  9. nice owrk mate. good to see the reverse of the usual happening ;)

    i only have a 50cc, but i still have alot of fun on it. it does what i need. commutes my 5km to work n back and down the corner shop and local travel.. clocked up about 100km yesterday on it. rode all over the place.

    scooters do that their place on our roads as any one on a scooters gotta be one step better than a cager not looking...
  10. 8-[ 8-[ :applause: :applause: :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:wned:

    If it makes you happy and suits your needs for this point in time then...
    Congrats to you? :?
  11. I took one for a test ride. I quite liked it, seemed like good value, almost bought it.

    But I ended getting a seconhand Majesty instead. I thought the 250cc Majesty was better for touring. (Which it is - except for the seat! Ouch!)

    Plus I wanted to get a pre-scratched one as my kids ride it too (and has already had one crash - caused by a truck pulling out from a side street when my son was riding it.)

    Well done, I hope you have many miles of great riding on it!
  12. new scoot

    Well got the black beast today, and hell, it is fun. Gotta go a little easy on the throttle for a while till shes run in properly but 100 kmh should be a possibility. One thing Im not real happy with seems to be the thirst for fuel. Its used half a tank of juice (6.9 litre tank) and returned only 80km's. I thought these 125 4 strokes should get around 40km/litre. Do they get better as they loosen up a bit? Cheers.
  13. I got a tgb 101r . new also , done around 50kms and it relli has not dropped fuel is perfect. should come over 4 a ride one day
  14. Well it's not as uncommon as you think. Although Fundies ur a bit younger than the usual that migrate to scoots from big bikes. It seems it might be a circle of events, scooter - big bike - scooter??

    As far as fuel goes, yes some scoots do drink a bit more than others. A lot of scoots though are set up to run richer than they should. I've always had to get the mechanic to reduce it a bit after the first service.

  15. scooter

    Yeh, I think your right oz2wheels. Small bike, big bike, small bike, grave.
  16. Ahh the scooters are taking over ;)

    Nah good on yah. I would ride a scooter if i wasn't worried about sliding off the seat and i didn't live so far from town.

    On that note do you feel comfortable sitting on a scooter. I have never done it but as i mentioned i would be scared id slip of taking a sharp turn ...
  17. Yeah i am thinking of selling my zx9 ninja and giving my classic z900 to charity,moving to sunny england and wearing only shorts and a singlet :shock: :shock: :shock: Good luck with the scooter see ya at the liverpool soccer match i will be the one turning blue :eek:
  18. Like yesterday ay??? :p :p :p
  19. Excellent....
    (like mr Burns)

    i've never thought about that. and i've never felt like i would come flying off round a corner.

    seriously, you should try one. just for the hell of it. they are great fun.[/quote]
  20. There fun , when you start off it feels weird but u dont move. i think my ass is phat hehe . 2 weeks to L's course go me!