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On-Line (nearly) everything

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. So tonight I:

    1. Paid for my Green Slip, on-line

    2. Paid my Comp insurance, on-line

    3. Tried to pay my registration, on-line, NIX!!!!!!!!! I have to have an inspection. So why can't I have my bike inspected, on-line??? And how come all the places that can do an e-check (or whatever they call it), in my area, are car places?

    After all, I do a lot of riding, on-line :LOL: :LOL:.
  2. tell em you're from a marginalised, disadvantaged socio-economic demographic, and that you demand they do the inspection on-line, via a web cam attached to your pooter.

    if they don't, you'll sue them (online of course) under anti-discrimination laws

    (make sure the PC runs linux, to really add weight to the "I'm so disadvantaged, I can't afford to pirate windoze" masquerade.

  3. Any place that does a car Pink Slip can do a bike one. IMHO they are the best palces to go, they only check the lights and horn work :wink:
  4. If only they'd let you register to vote online :'(
  5. +1 on the Esafety check at a car inspection place, no idea, as long as the lights work and it doesn't spew oil, you'll get a pass.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Alex and Andrew, you are soooooo right :LOL:

    I took the bike round to the nearest e-Safety inspector and told him I wanted it done right away (at 5:45pm this arvo :shock:) and got the fastest inspection in history!!! Lights, indicators, front and rear brakes, has it got tyres?? Yes, Ok, processed and I was able to pay the rego as soon as I got home! GOLD :LOL:.....
  7. Gold Paul!!! :LOL: :LOL:

  8. So does that mean you are planning another trip south, Paul?

    Is your retirement “off the bike†officially over?

    Is your good wife sick of you trying to lane spilt through the kitchen while she's doing real work, while you’re just trying to get a snack between posts on netrider?

    Is it her I can hear yelling GET OUT, Go for a ride?

    Inquiring minds need to know!
  9. What he said. And can I have your bike? :rofl:
  10. What a middle aged white Christian? Endagered species mate :p
  11. Yes, Dave, partly through necessity (leaving job=loss of ten years of having company car=not having a car), and partly because the bug still bites, I've resusscitated the Hornet and am doing some little riding.

    I'm still trying to figure out what I did wrong on New Year's Eve (some of the Melbourne folk offered some good insights when I was down for Stookie and Lil's wedding), so I'm practising some peripheral vision exercises and some eye avoidance exercises in the hope that I can avoid a repeat, if that's what the problem was.

    So the bottom line is, I am trying to exorcise the demons of that evening and settle my mind, and for the moment I'm using the bike for transport AND enjoying the occasional ride for pleasure. I am really grateful for the much encouragement I have received from many people over the last three months.
  12. Good on you mate, the more time you spend on that Hornet the less those demons will bite.

    Thought of ringing you last week as I drove past the Wollongong turn off. Did a quick trip to Sydney to take my daughter to the movies. (Well, work thought I was up there to check and buy some equipment) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Left here 4am Monday back by 3pm Tuesday.
    Must catch up one day
  13. Just move to Victoria. You don't need a pink slip and the rego is cheaper.
    Once you know where all the fixed cameras are and where the cops stuff their faces with donuts, you're set!
  14. Don't forget he's also Male so has has nearly everything covered.