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On hold with Vodafone...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Bored...
    Been on hold for 1 hour 8 minutes at the time i wrote this sentence.
    Lara - the computer voice - she keeps telling me they will be right with me. Lying biatch.

    The music is reasonable, but the quality is just appalling, its full of so much static... cmon guys i know you are having network problems etc but please... put some decent quality recording music on the hold system, rather then something recorded through an indian radio with an external microphone onto an old cassette and then had a magnet passed over it...

  2. I bought a Vodafone wireless broadband stick for my month in the UK. It was crap. I won't be doing so again.

    (Crap = poor coverage in a densely populated country and painfully slow speeds, even for someone used to Australia's rather low performance)
  3. I used to work on the voda infrastructure rollout, guess how long I lasted before quitting?
  4. I had to call vodafone this evening too, I was lucky and was only on hold for 45mins...they suck.
  5. agreed patb, i had one when between moving to new house and getting cable, it lasted 2 weeks before it had a meeting with a house brick and a mallet (the brick cracked before the usb stick)

    optus aren't much better, half the time they hang up on you and you have to call back and do it all again
  6. I called yesterday from a landline and the wait to my amazement was only 4 minutes. Also I was given the option of Lara or pressing numbers and I quickly chose the latter as Lara in the past has put me on hold for lengthy periods. After my enquiry I asked when my contract was finishing and he said what's the issue and was trying to be much helpful than normal. I have a feeling with the latest privacy issues they lost some clientele. 6 months later I'll switch to another carrier. I've had it with Vodafones poor reception.
  7. Don't get me started on Voda....
    Has anybody else an issue with sending emais using their SMTP server? I have and am not very happy with this service I "get for free". "Outgoing email server for free" my ass

  8. Fix : gmail.
  9. if you wanna switch try tpg

    $35 a month for $600 of calls and 1.5gb download

    plus NO contract
  10. That's what I use now, but it has it's snags. When used from Outlook, it looks like the email was sent using your gmail account instead of the account you originally sent it from. Also, when using smtp.gmail.com, it goes to some Junkmail folders and people don't see it.
    Still better than Vodafold
  11. All I want is reception when I am chartering unknown territories so I can if needed make a call and use google maps. I might go with the other T company as my home/internet is with them they may have a good offer for a bundle.
  12. Total call time 1 hour 57 minutes 12 seconds.
    The actual problem only took 2 minutes to solve.

    When it works ive no problem with voda :p, as for emails everything routes through my server at home with exchange anyway so no problems.
  13. Before I started riding I didn't have any problems but ever since then I've been riding to places I have never been before where unfortunately vf doesn't have reception in. Nearly 2 hours on hold...not good.

    By the way love the message under your nick haha :) Can I cord you bro?
  14. I live in western sydney and ever since i renewed my contract about a year ago ive ha nothing but call drop out hardlyany reception anywhere i go slow data load times i dont recieve msgs for days sometimes.
    Does anyone know if i can actually get out of the contract ive tried to ring them but get sick of waiting on the phone for hours on end.
    I have 2 phones with them and want to get out of both contracts.
  15. you should be able to get out of the contract pretty easily, you will more than likely have to pay out the remainder of the contract though.
    Im not on a contract with them, I just go month to month. I am feed up with calls dropping out though, at least 75% of the calls I make when I am at home drop out.
  16. trent theres an order been made (but i dont know where you can find the details etc) that vodafone needs to let people out of their contracts who report problems etc. All part of the class action etc that they are facing.

    I havent had any issues with coverage or speeds so no trouble there.
  17. The most stupid thing is ive been using vodafone for over 6 years im just too stupid to change, after the years of loyal service id like for them to give me a bit of a break.

    Thanks felas im going to Try and contact them again
  18. I have

    i was with crazy johns who use vodafone network

    I told them that they did not live up to their side of the contract - they were not able to supply the service I had paid for - as i had bad reception/drop outs and inability to use data services from my home

    didn't cost me a thing to get out of the contract because I gave them a whole heap of contract law mumbo jumbo ( but real info from my uni studies)

    this was 21 days into the contract
  19. I used to have a Voda pre-paid. Whenever you ring them the FIRST thing the automated voice plugs is automatic debit for pre-paid from your credit card; DON'T DO IT. I was on this for three years (lazy) and it NEVER worked reliably. In one call to a reasonably senior perrson she admitted that it has NEVER worked properly, and that they have a 'software problem'. When I suggested that they'd had long enough to re-write every line of code, not just to fix this bug, she just gave a nervous laugh.........
  20. Helpful hint for those thinking about changing phone carriers.

    There is only three (technically 4) Mobile Phone networks in Australia.

    plus Hutchison's "3" network

    If the company you're changing to isn't one of the above you need to find out exactly which of the above networks they use or you could move from (for example) Vodafone to a company which simply resells the Vodafone network so you problems will continue.