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On Facebook? You vote, she'll donate $

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ezyryder, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. From my partner Jo:

    Hellooooo!!! I have entered my famous TOYRUN REINDEER into the Spotlight 'Own your own Look' competition. This has two categories one being the creation that generates the most amount of votes. This is where you come in- I will donate $1000 of my winnings to the Toyrun- $500 to the Peninsula leg and $500 to the Melbourne leg (Well I do live on the Peninsula!) Below is the link to the facebook page. Press the 'LIKE' button under 'SHARE' (If you dont your vote wont count!) Then press the 'VOTE' button. When asked to access your profile info press 'ALLOW' down the bottom (again vote wont count otherwise). To check if your vote entered look for your profile pic underneath. The page is not the most user friendly so please ask if any problems - works best on a PC, not so much a mobile. Thanks heaps for your vote!

    Facebook link

    The reindeer
  2. that is an awesome costume, got a spare?? ;0) lol
    well done and you got my vote :0)


  3. Cheers, she saw your vote and was well chuffed :dance: