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On Duty Police riding dirt bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dave79, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. near rosebery, sydney while driving to work today the wife and i saw 2 cops on what looked like brand new suzuki dirt bikes, not sure of the model. at first we noticed one of the police camel pack type backpacks that the bicycle cops use and thought 'nah, they can't be on duty' - they even had the dirt bike style visored helemets... but sure enough looked a bit harder and they had their gun belts on, and as they turned the corner we saw the police shield on on the side panels of the bikes and big 'police' decals on the swingarms. anyone else seen these guys around? i wasn't aware that the cops had these types of bikes in the motor pool...

  2. yes cops ride dirt bikes around.

    some of the vic cops ride ktm530exc's around.
  3. Yep they sur do there drz400s they target mainly unliscened and uninsured riders, amongst other things.
  4. Interesting. Never seen em in 15 years of driving and 2 years of riding, hence my surprise!
  5. this is nothing new
  6. Unlicensed is one thing. Is being uninsured against the law?
  7. We have them here in wollongong going around on yellow suzuki DRZ's. They target the dirt bikers up in the escarpment and water board land.
  8. Got em Brisvegas too. The chase the kiddies on chookies up the dirt tracks and through the parks.
  9. Been around since late seventies, in Sydney anyway.
  10. Back in the homeland coppers use xr250's, apart from the big bmw's for traffic patrol.. They used to called them "ninja turtles", because they wore all green and had a myriad of gear with them, bulletproof vest, submachine gun, ammo, radio, etc. They were swift man, Ive seen them flying through traffic, up the kerb, down steps, and then just throwing the bike to catch the baddies.. pretty useful tool they were. Plus those hondas are pretty much indestructible..
  11. yeah been around for years, ask the guys who ride in state forests :p
    also patrol beaches etc...

    hell the cops have jet-skis
  12. just googled these..

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  13. Ninja turtle!!

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  14. ****in lol
  15. Sory i ment unliscenced and no rego had a bit of a brain fart.
    The used to ride kawas before that if my memory is right i remember being chased around a few times when i was inhigh school, too young to have a liscence.
    A few mates also coped a boot off haha
  16. no rego, means no insurance....... thus the cops police it.
  17. It's referring to third party (green slip). They get trail bike riders for Unlicensed, Unregistered and Uninsured.
  18. These would be a pain to run from, they can practically go where you can.

    The police it and charge for them separately too, from what ive heard.
  19. We had a work vehicle picked up two weeks ago - the paperwork had gone astray so the rego had run out. Cop cars now have a device to scan/check rego plates just as they're driving around, and it came back as unregistered. Fines were $530 for unregistered, $530 for uninsured (i.e. third party) and $88 for displaying an expired rego sticker. No demerits though, lucky for the driver as it wasn't his fault.
  20. No worth going to court over it, but many magistrates would throw either the unregistered or the rego label offense, as it is double dipping by the Police.

    Interesting to know these auto scanners are real and operational.

    Also how far out of date was it? I believe there is some leeway in the eyes of the RTA. Probably couldn't get around the uninsured, but there's a slim chance on the unregistered.