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On cycling and concentration camps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    (Angry driver physique compared to typical cyclist physique)

    Magda was recently upset about comments about her weight, and the reference to concentration camps was an insult to her polish heritage. I had a bit of sympathy at that stage, but the tide has definitely turned.

    She's an angel isn't she? Surely not the sort of person who'd encourage GBH on our less motorised two-wheeled road using cousins?

    So this has frustrated me a lot and brought out my mean side. Sorry you guys had to see this.

    She made one valid point in her starvation fuelled rage - cyclists who ride on the road when there is a bike path sh!t me too (and I am a cyclist). It never ceases to amaze me that people ride on the road along anzac at moore park and up alison next to the race course when there is a double lane bike path there - seems to be all for the sake of cutting off about 10 seconds worth of travel time at the intersection of alison and darley. just silly. But this does not apply to bike paths shared with parking - given the choice I'll take my chances on the road rather than get a door opened on me.

    But as to her other points:

    1 - "her car in my back yard". Sadly, the road is a training ground for many professional cyclists. Most of them train in the early morning or on sundays when the traffic is thinner, so on a 4 lane highway, surely she can just go around?
    My advice - get your sausage fingers and turn your steering wheel a few degrees to the right and go around. Oh, and don't ever drive your car in my back yard.

    2- "do not want to see lycra bums" - a bit rich coming from the goodyear blimp given we've had to endure her saddlebags on the telle for a good 20 years. A person in lycra is no more insulting than a chick with a muffin top and ugg boots, but that does not get a hunger-fuelled rant on national telle.
    My advice - people in glass houses should not throw stones. Particularly the michelin man in drag.

    3 - "take off your tip tap shoes". If SPD's give her the sh!ts with the sound they make on the ground, I'd suggest she never ever ever visit martin place because she'd likely explode from all the pressure (unless the tip-tap of high heels is somehow exempt from her rage).
    My advice, get over it you sweaty sow, and take some courses in anger management.

    4 - "put it in a different gear". Fck you tubby - you are in a car, you go round.
    Stop being so angry with the world. Maybe it is all the sugar.
    My advice, cut down on the twinkies.

    5 - Balancing at the lights - Not sure why this angers her - is she upset about their motor skills? A real mystery as to why she is upset by this - perhaps being top heavy (ie from the ankles up), having good balance is an insult to her boombah heritage.
    My conclusion, get over it you vast slug, and have a salad.

    6 - "Just open the door" - again, magda, screw you. You represent everything that is bad about the attitude of drivers to cyclists. You sitting there in your plus sized moo moo, with your kankles, your triple chin, your meat wings, and your jowells, driving your cage and endangering the lives of cyclists because you have anger management issues.
    My advice, keep your mouth shut - it will do you a favour in more than one way.

    Ahh - that feels better.
  2. Congratulations, you sound stupider than her now.
  3. I can but try.

    I come from a long line of fatties so fat-jokes are my birthright.
  4. "On cycling and concentration camps"

    I agree they should be combined that would make concentration camps even more hellish and help reduce the stigma attached to cycling. "Oh this, I picked up the habit in the war" see that sounds far better than "I like wearing lycra and annoying the crap out of thousands of people, anyway I think huge legs and spindly arms are sexy".
  5. You had me at 'vast slug'. That was a hell of a Good News Week. I was cacking myself for most of it. But I see what you're saying. The general driving population's attitude towards anything on two wheels leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. riiiiiiiiight.................
  7. Touchy much?

    With all due respect and I mean all due respect she has a point. Some male cyclists don't have hot arses and if I'm going to have to drive behind you at 30 kph I at least want something nice to look at.

    That was her point wasn't it?
  8. Well sounds like someone hasn't been stuck behind me before then!

    Mine has dents in the sides! :grin:

    You have to also remember that some of these blokes have padding on their bottoms so that can certainly work as a dampen on how their bottoms look.

    and Magda certainly loses kudos points for this but I did think the rant was funny. But then again i'm not exactly a hardcore lycra clad cyclist... I do have tappy shoes though!
  9. Oh man she has an over inflated opinion of herself, actually she has an over inflated everything!!!
  10. lol @ 'typical cyclist physique' of Danni Minogue. Since when do cyclists have thighs that small???????????

    Not4Resale, never mind the dents- All girls think tappy shoes are hot. :LOL:
  11. I thought she was pretty amusing.

    I loved her tappy shoes comment :)

    I do admit mine can be pretty noisy at the mall. So I do this weird soft footed non attention drawing walk.
  12. touche...

    I think the thing that got me most about her rant was that there was so much venom behind her words - you could hear her spitting out every word. And there was so much anger over such trivial issues. If she'd had a rant about being bowled over by a cyclist menacing the pathways, or a cyclist was driving irresponsibly making driving difficult, then fair enough. But for someone to get so angry about sweaty lycra, going slower than a car, and tip tappy shoes is really pathetic. Even more pathetic than me getting so riled up at a rant on an alleged "comedy" program.

    I think it was particularly poignant as she is someone who has been in the news recently as a "victim" of insensitivity at the hands of Kyle Sandi-wasteofspace-lands in his attempts at comedy. I bet her jokes went down a treat with the Gillet, Peoples, and McLeod-Ellerton families.
  13. #13 Bonk, Oct 2, 2009
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    But such regular, expected ones?

    You gotta do 1 goodie, or go completely, insanely overboard... like Magda did.
    Coz that was the point. The humour was in exaggeration, and the juxtaposition between passionate anger, and a relatively trivial subject.

    Getting angry at little things is a tried and tested form of humour

  14. RIP topical humour on current affairs.

    Tragically killed under a pile of controversy and people who didn't quite 'geddit'.

  15. #15 Roaster, Oct 2, 2009
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    When I did the OP I quickly tried googling synonyms for fat but had no luck. I think urbandictionary.com needs to make an urbanthesaurus too.

    I've seen dave hughes on similar rants, and I've been able to separate the joke from the gripe, but I just found magda's delivery to be a little too sincere to be an "act".

    I've seen some of magda's stuff over the years (mum and sis are a big fan) and have never seen the vicious persona she put on that night - she is just not that good an actor. You could tell when Julia Morris piped in saying "LETS RUN EM OVER" that she was taking the mick, but I honestly interpreted the enthusiasm and anger with which Magda suggested opening doors to be genuine. :soapbox:

    This rant is probably something that I have just taken to heart as I am a cyclist as well as a moto rider and it has hit close to home - locked up the treddly into a roundabout the other night because some bint didn't see my fully LED-pimped rig. :-({|=

    But if I were a betting man I'd take a punt and say that if she had made those comments about moto riders this thread would be a very different read...
  16. A cyclist physique is one of the worst, I used to have one and it's got to be the most useless body to have off a bike. Swimmers and rowers have the most sought after bodies apparently.

    Dents in your arse? Is that from failed penetrations? :D :bannanabutt:
  17. why cyclists should wear black shorts...............

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  18. Supplement your training with mixed martial arts and you won't suffer the big down low but tiny up high syndrome.

    and i'm talkin dents in the cheek buddy. Like the kind that is unpenetratable due to the powerful glute muscles that could crush a penis upon flex.

    Yes... it's that amazing.
  19. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch her show. I see her giving other people shit in her tv ads, and the lack of credibility she has whilst doing so would just send me nuts. Self deprecation will only take you so far, she needs to sort her shit out before she slags anyone off.
  20. Yer tellin' us like ya know.