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On-body Armour under a Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AdamR33, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently purchased an armoured vest from the US. It is a High Velocity Gear item, "The Jugganaught". I was after a back protector mainly for my first foray into riding and looked at the exchange rate and figured i could get the whole suit for a lesser price than the cost of a brand name back protector locally. I think at the time it worked out to be $200 delivered.

    My intention was to wear the back protector all the time while riding on short trips and maybe the rest of the suit on longer and spirited rides.

    I was hoping to get a jacket to go over the top that has removable armour, so i could wear the suit under the jacket without the jackets body armour and while on short rides just utilise the jackets own body armour.

    Is this a silly idea?

    The suit itself feels quite bulky so I imagine I would have to get a larger jacket to fit. Wearing the jacket on its own would mean I would be wearing a jacket that is perhaps too large and therefore less protective?

    I would like to hear about peoples opinions on this and experiences if they do the same or similar things.



    P.S. I might write a review on the kit itself when I get myself a bike if anyone is interested
  2. I like the idea of body armour with a jacket, or a selection of jackets for different weather, worn over the top. I haven't done it though.

    Post a picture with the full armour on, or provide a link.
  3. I now wear one of these, under a MX jersey, and have ridden a few times sleeveless


    Took out the armour from my jacket, and it still fits fine. If the jacket already has armour, it should still fit as these armour suits are pretty thin, I don't know about the one you got though.
  4. Hi AdamR33!

    I've found that if you want to wear one of these 'armoured suits' you'll need to go one size larger in a jacket than what you would normally wear, and make sure also that it's unarmoured! :p

    I have an A* SMX Bionic:


    And a Knox Cross Sport Shirt:


    And I find that this is the case - one size larger.
  5. I have a full upper body suit which you can detach the back protector. I wear the back protector everywhere and only wear the full suit when there is more 'spirited' riding to be done.

    It fits under my leather jacket fine , although if you have a tight fitting jacket you might find it rather difficult (I can wear a size 48, but got a size 50 so I could wear a few layers in winter and such). It's comfortable when riding, though a bit of a pain in the arse when you're stopped. However it's easy enough to take both off together and leave the armour suit in the jacket (if that makes sense).
  6. Guys what do you think would be the best protection that provides airflow; the armour jacket with MX jersey or a mesh summer jacket? I am most worried about abrasion resistance for suburban speeds (60kmh).

    Toecutter: Thanks for the help with the bike earlier, not sure if I told you but ended up with the SM610. It's been great so far except for the seat and the soft foam makes the seat too high!
  7. A good summer jacket [vented] would probably be the best compromise. Me I wear a perforated leather jacket 100% of the time. If it's over 30, it don't matter what youa re wearing you are going to get hot, I am lookign at a mesh summer jacket for summer though.
  8. Thanks Matti,

    I usually ride w/ leather jacket 90% of the time but find when on short rides to training or practising MOST manuevers I cook without the airflow, so just after a fallback option.

    I'll go shopping thursday and try them on; will probably pick the jacket which will always be handy as a spare.
  9. A wet tshirt under a vented jacket is very cool as well, I have ridden a dirt bike with this combo and was great. :cool: :cool:
  10. Thanks for all the replies,

    I think I will take the armour to the shop with me when buying a jacket and just see how it goes.

    I'll post when I have worked something out.

  11. I use full (top half) armour under a supermoto-style textile jacket (lots of vents) for really hot weather. My leather jacket has good armour so I just supplement that with the back protector for other times.
    Generally, armour suits work very well and I haven't had much trouble fitting it under other gear.