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on average how many times a month do u get pulled over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stanga169, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. i dont know how to make a poll if someone wants to make one for me that would be great, i know where you ride effects your chances of being pulled over but in your day to day riding how many times are you pulled over?

  2. in my last 20 years, zero
  3. Pretty much zero times per month. Maybe once a year? And that'd be luck of the draw when encountering a typical RBT roadblock where everyone's pulled over.

    Spots is a boring cheetah. XD
  4. Last 3 years none, once before that and zip for ten years before that
    RBT's excluded.
  5. Five times in the last four years, when minding my own business and riding perfectly legally. Twice in the yarra ranges, once on the GOR. Twice around metro Melbourne.

    I was given a drug test at an RBT solely because I was on a motorcycle.
  6. Couple of RBTs, once specifically pulled up with a small group on the way up the Old Pac.
  7. 10 times in the last 12 months,1 warning for speeding,2 every bike gets pulled over and checked for rego and licence,1 speeding and 6 rbt's
  8. once in the past 12 months, on the way to the Supers did the rego, breatho, drugo and licence thingo and off I went.... it was a bikes only pull over, every car went straight past.
    prior to that ...... nada not counting RBT's and once for going past a hand held speed trap a little too quickly.
  9. 3 times - speeding, illegal overtake and filtering. 2 RBT's - and that was in the past 4 years.

    so per month? nada.
  10. I've been pulled over once in 9 months for a random licence check, drug test etc. Do you know if the cops look up your rego if they are tailing you and check out particulars ie. not displaying learners/p plates, LAMS restrictricted, offences etc?? I have none of the listed offences and I am just being curious. Danke.
  11. I have only been riding for the past month... so nil. :/
  12. Apart from RBTs, a regular occurrence in the Wollongong Area, once, 4 years ago, south of Eden.

    I COULD have been pulled over yesterday, riding through Albion Park, because the Police had a hand-held camera in their front yard (!) but I was going 50 kph, which is the limit, and therefore I wasn't :wink:.
  13. I'm a month away from riding for 2 years and only been pulled in once for an RBT. Officer apologised and said I should have been let through. Asked if I was heading out on a long ride because of the gear (full leathers) - when I told him I was just going to meet friends for lunch he was very positive about wearing the gear and wished me a good day.
  14. In the last year: Twice. Once at the crackdown at easter, once for speeding down the doom when I picked up my bike.

    & that's it for my entire riding career, apart from 2 RBTs.
  15. In the six months since I've had my license, only once. I was riding on the quicker side of things through country roads out to my parents place, and just as I got into the township I came around a corner and jumped on the brakes as a single cop was just getting his lightning gun ready, playing with buttons or something. He saw me and realised he couldn't get reading in time, so just waved me down, took a BAC reading then sent me on my way. Other than that I usually get waved through.

    I've got a feeling one of the little buzz box cars I passed may have reported me or something.
  16. Once in 2002 for lane splitting, once in 1987 for speeding. Never randomly. I commute 200km every working day.
  17. In the last 20 years I've only been pulled over for random breath tests, may half a dozen times a year. Admittedly I do live in country NSW so finding very quiet un-patrolled back roads is very easy.

    When my son started riding he would get pulled over 2-3 times a week.
  18. In three years, never. I'm so slow not even dogs bother to chase me...

    RBTs have always waved me through, although I have noticed they tend wait before giving you the wave to see how slowly you can creep up without a wobble... I used to think that they just waived bikes through on the assumption that if you were pissed you'd have fallen off long before you met them, but was recently proven wrong when I spotted a bloke on a scooter getting tested at an RBT on a friday afternoon across the road from the NGV.

    Does anyone know if they are more likely to test you if you wear an open face helmet?
  19. Twice in the last two years, both for RBT,one was early morning near Dromana and the other was at the top of Arthur's Seat mid afternoon. The cop for the second one was amused that I was listening to my mp3 player on the go..nothing wrong with that..I think it was the nodding head and hands tapping on the tank that gave it away.
  20. ..I have only been stopped once for a RBT ( I was on my L's at the time!)