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On Any Sunday

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by TheYak, May 30, 2007.

  1. #1 TheYak, May 30, 2007
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    Somebody was nice and threw it on YouTube:


    That's part one of nine, the rest are tagged as related so links pop up. Good evening material :grin:
  2. One of my all time favourite movies. Sennnnnsational.
  3. Also copyright :evil:.
  4. Yeah, definitely worth a watch :)

    Hornet, do you have a moral, legal or technical problem with the copyright? :-k

    It's a pretty low quality version, I think if anything it could introduce the movie to people and make them buy the DVD :grin:
  5. I was posting the Wizard strips here and the owners of the copyright threatened to sue Vic and Jason. May not the owners of Bruce Brown's copyright work do the same?
  6. But he is not posting the video, just a link to it. It's not visible in Netrider, just in YouTube. If they can sue for a link to copyrighted material, then Google better watch out......
  7. fair point :oops:
  8. Just seen the first 2 minutes. Looks like I'll be here a while.

    Thanks for linking :)
  9. Terrific! Never seen it before. Excellent movie that still holds true to the spirit of motorcycling even today!
  10. Remind me to burn you a copy Stew... I reckon it's got more spirit to it than anything I've seen before or since.
  11. lol. figured i'd have a quick geezer like i do with al lthe other links. 35min later, its almost 3am n im buggered. ill finish it tomorrow if i can. cheers for the link! :)
  12. I hate you all.

    I clicked
    then downloaded
    then watched

    An now I'm knackered...
  13. What a wonderful afternoon at work this one was. Thank you guys for that movie. Now to wait until I get home and try to find it in the torrents. OOOPS

    I mean to buy the dvd somewhere.

    Will :p

    EDIT: Now I want a cafe racer
  14. For anybody who is still unsure about all that 'counter steering' stuff, reel 2 'the mile', all will become suddenly clear......
  15. Well the OP did not make a smartase comment like "you can't do anything about it"

    but it clearly looks like that comment came back and bit you fair smack on your arse, you are obviously still bitter over that copyright issue, want some sugar to take that bitterness away :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Pontificators should learn to not challenge what they cannot defend

    thankyou please come again \o/

    Cheers :cool:
  17. I remember seeing this great film at the cinema in Collins street, when............ :shock:

    Apolgies I must be getting old :p

    Yes I have it on DVD too
  18. Awesome movie - loved the snow ...I mean ice racing, thats just insane.
  19. I hired a series of these old early seventies docos late last year.
    My other half thought I was mad ( why are you watching that crap) she said. After the first half hour she couldn't help but have a look.
    By the start of the second DVD she was hooked.
    Great movies and a good laugh at the 70's era.
  20. Bruce Brown's crowning work, and that's saying a lot; his surfing movies were awesome.

    I go back and watch the Widowmaker over and over again :LOL:.