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On Any Sunday - Come See It!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Have you seen this amazing movie?

    Watched in Awe as flat trackers take a tumble at 100mph protected by nothing more than crepe paper suits and garden gloves?
    Amazed that Harley Davidsons were competitive?
    Giggled at Dick Mann's name?

    If not, your chance is coming up. Station 59 Cafe in Richmond are going to screen it and I need to pick a date. Weeknight? Weekday day? Weekend Night?

    It'll be on the biggish screen with reasonably good sound too, so it should be good to watch it this way rather than on your DVD player, or even on youtube you tightarse bastard. You can sit down in the comfy chairs, drink a few beers and eat Monster sized parmas.

    So, when d'yall reckon it'd be good to have it on?

    PS: If you haven't seen the movie it's bloody fantastic. Mostly offroad based stuff but it's got some of the scariest race footage I've seen and it's all put together really well. The movie was instrumental in changing the perception of motorcyclists from Brando-esque brooding wankers to everyday enthusiasts.

    So let me know when you'd think is best to screen it, and how good I am for organising it.

  2. Awesome stuff, never heard of these film until now.

    BTW OAS I and OAS II are on you tube!
  3. Sweet!

    I remember watching this as a kid & I picked up a copy at the Motorcycle expo last year.

    I also remember watching a series of movies about supercross riders which I thought was On Any Sunday & On Any Sunday 2, but apparently it wasn't... Was kind of like BMX bandits with motors & Americans... anyway, what were we talking about?

    Right, a day... what about a sunday arvo before a MotoGP? Don't know if there's any coming up on a sunday though...
  4. Hmmm, a sunday arvo isn't such a bad idea! Makes sense with the film anyway.

    I wonder if it'd clash with people going for rides or something. Unless it was after 5.
  5. Well, yes, sunday does seem to be the logical day, now that I think of it...

    Pick a rainy day.
  6. When are you going to bring it to Byron?
    I'd love to see it again, last saw it in the late 70's.
  7. the best motorcycle movie ever made; don't miss it!!
  8. Great movie. Melbourne's a long way to come so I won't be there, but I strongly recommend everyone within spitting distance to get there.
  9. Sunday arvo for sure. And I'll make sure to come along.
  10. I call BS. You aren't coming just because it doesn't have any Urals in it. :LOL:
  11. Sweet, so at least four people will come! I'll set a date, probably for later January some time and I'll let y'all know.

    Everybody's right - the movie is absolutely fantastic. A bit camp in parts but has some amazing footage of hillclimbs, early motocross and the flattracking is terrifying to watch.
  12. Haven't seen this for decades but remember some ridiculously steep hill climbs. Could be tempted to come.

    What about making this a charity event. Gold coin donation. Proceeds to go towards buying a shotgun for blasting speed cameras? :smilie denoting jocular comment made ironically due to the speaker never having broken a law in his entire life. Especially speed limits. Honest!:
  13. I'd be interested in seeing it too.