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OMG! Yet Another ACT Noob! :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wildfire, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Hey there!

    Been an avid reader of these forums (especially the bike reviews section) for about 3 months now and thought I'd drop a quick line! Got my L's booked for the weekend of 17th/18th Nov. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you on the road once I've decided on my bike (either a GSX 250F Across, VTR 250, or GPX 250) after I get my L's.
  2. Howdy! Glad to have yet another Canberran to get all excited about.. :p

    Which way do you think you're leaning (bike wise) so far?

    Best of luck with your Ls, & we'll be waiting to hear more about you & 'the' bike. :)
  3. Wow, fast reply! :)

    I'm leaning towards the VTR 250 at the moment, just from all the good feedback in the Bike Review section. But the "man-bag" and price tag on the Across sounded great too hehe.
  4. Our system's down here at my work... (I gotta use that, it doesn't happen everyday.. other days it's plain old 'me being slack & surfing the net'!)

    I am the same as you; wanted a VTR, preferred (at this stage) the Across price tag. & so I have an Across. & I figure that I'll have plenty of time to change bikes, upgrade etc.. :)
  5. Ah fair enough. I just got back from booking my L's, so I thought I'd finally register and say hi to everyone. :grin:

    I bet I'll do the same as you too, unless I get a VTR for a similar price. Saw a 2001 VTR going for $4900 at Bikesales, but could be gone after I get my L's. Anyways, we shall see. :wink:
  6. Yeh, see.. for me the choice was easy. Cos there's no way that I'd get a VTR for $2.2K in Canberra, I don't think.. :wink:

    Good luck to ya anyhoo! & have fun & be safe, those're the main things. :cool: :grin:
  7. Wow! $2.2k only? I've gotta look harder! Only Across I'm seeing for sale are the inflated Canberra Motorcycle Centre ones. :wink:

    Hehe, thanks! Roger Wilco! :cool:
  8. Oh my god! More Canberrans! Get along to Tilleys Monday nights at 6pm, we have a bit of a regular gathering.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Welcome Wildfire!! I'm a newbie too! :D

    I'm already loving the site... *is addicted*
  10. Welcome Wildfire, more Canberra people are always welcome.

    If you ever need a hand checking a bike out in the ACT just give me a yell.
  11. Typhoon, Tilly's at Lyneham? I happen to live just down the road from there. LOL! Is it weekly? Do you guys do it on weekends too? Whenever I drive past on weekends, I see quite a few of bikes parked there hehe. No bike to turn up with yet though, just my cage. :p

    Lowercase, been addicted to this site for 3 months, I know how you feel hehe! I drool over the stuff in the Bike Reviews section. :wink:

    Thanks Haggismaen! I'll keep that in mind after getting my L's. :grin:
  12. Mmmm.. Well I got addicted to motorbikes whilst working in a service station. I liked them before that, obviously, but never really considered it an option. But working in a servo, well, I was distracted too often by my puddles of pool when a nice bike came in :p
  13. welcome to the nut house, nah we don't do gatherings at tilleys on the weekends, most of us prefer to actually ride our bikes on weekends :LOL:

    keir where in the world have you been?
  14. Que? Didn't leave work until late tonight and wasn't on the bike. Missed you at Tilley's last week.

    How's the bike going? Able to ride this weekend?
  15. ah you know me, while the bike is still running i will ride it, what are you thinking?
  16. I'm thinking the bike is looking a damn sight too clean since I cleaned it on Sunday. I also plan on giving it its 12K service before the weekend so we'll have to undo all that good work :p.
  17. sounds like a plan, i might even give my bike a clean before hand, bug guts yellow isn't the nicest of colours
  18. Good Luck with your L , I got mine on Sunday. I got myself GPX250RR 1991 nice bike
  19. Thanks mate!

    That's quite a "learner-turner" bike hehe. Kawasaki green too?
  20. Hi, Wildfire...

    Enjoy the mayhem...