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OMG where has this been

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HellBeast, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. OMG why didn't i take up riding 15 years ago when i turned 18.

    Picked up my bike today (Hyosung GV250)
    Jumped on the bike had a few laps around the car park next door to get the feel of the bike and controls ready for my first road ride.
    The time had come traffic was horrendous in Dandenong managed to get out safely with my wife behind me then it was off down the road decided to go along Greens Rd heading to Braeside.
    The adrenalin was pumping so hard not much traffic 90km/h zone didn't think just did it squeezed the throttle and off it went was soon doing 115km/h AWESOME +10 prolly doesn't describe it.
    Got home showed the kids the bike (13 y/o laughed at L plates :cry: ) and just had to keep going so went for a cruise to St.Kilda and back to Chelsea along Beach RD just got home didn't want to but its my wedding anniversary and i thought it would be best :p
    Gonna start commuting on Wednesday as soon as i leave so thing at work that i cant carry on the bike .

    Thanks for listening to my adrenaline fulled rant ...........lol

    Beast :cool:
  2. nothing to say but...

  3. Amen Brother you have seen the light!

    Have fun out there and watch yourself, No one else out there will look for you! :grin:
  4. Hehe, yep :) Good isn't it? :grin:
  5. nice isn't hehe, when i got unreg permit for my bike the other day, i just hopped on my bike and straight into traffic... was a bit nerv racking ;)

    welcome to the other side hehe
    theres no turning back now

    hubby and myself were the same last year
    so know exactly how you feel

    congrats on the new bike (and wedding anniversary :p )

  7. went 4 a ride today after work to St.Kilda along Beach Rd again but this time back along Nepean Hwy. There was so much traffic was taking it easy at first then i followed another rider in between the stopped cars to the front ..thinking this rocks THEN I STALLED LMFAO :LOL: lucky no one could see my embarrassment. :p

    Can't wait for tomorrow :grin:
  8. Aaaaah, memories of the first ride!

    Well done HB. I'm happy for ya. :)
  9. Congrats mate, they're a nice bike. My friend had one before it was stolen.

    Very much looking fwd to riding a moto also :D
  10. Tell me about it .. just picked up my VTR250 last week .. and done my first "peak hour" ride tonight to a Netrider gig in Boronia .. can't get the smile off my face !! :grin:

    Can't believe I've wasted 20 odd years in a cage!!
  11. first rides are something you always remeber and cherish

    if only you could explain that feeling in words to all those people against motorcycles.

    oh well i guess theyll juts have to miss out
  12. Funny how the speed limit feels fast on your first ride.
    Doesn't take long till you're hoon though :evil: :LOL: Have fun out there :wink:
  13. go for it hellbeast.....

    glad to see that you are having fun. and don't worry bout the wasted time - you'll make up for it i can tell.

  14. bah.... I'm still waiting to buy a bike.... damn you... lol

    Nah congrats... I cant wait either!
  15. Congrats, Beast! It sure is fun. I hate being caged when I have to take the car. Glad you're getting out there and doing it. It's so easy to let the fear take over if you leave it for an easier time.
  16. heres a secret, it gets better sshhh :grin:
  17. Cause now you've got a lot more street smarts and are less likely to do yourself or your machine some serious damage. also your insurance etc will be cheaper depending who your through and your driving history.
    Well done!! welcome to Riders addiction!! Dont fight it let it happen :shock: :LOL: Get out there and have fun
  18. Congrats. I like the saying "it is not a mode of transport, it is a lifestyle".
    As Matti-san said it only gets better SHHH.
  19. LOL - couldn't agree more... I remember my first ride down to Geelong, sh1t scared on the way down at 100 kph... but not long after that I'd riden my mates vfr800 flat out in 4th/5th.....

    100 kph feels finda slow these days :twisted:
  20. I bet it would be thats why i picked the bike up from the dealer and didn't opt for the easy out and get it delivered(may have sat there until i got the courage).

    Now all i need is my clear lens glasses to arrive in the mail so i can ride at night ( Only have an open face helmet) bit hard to see the sides of the road with sunnies on :p