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OMG - Twist of The Wrist 2 ftw!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LineNoise, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. I work at a uni and yesterday a...err..."electronic edition" (yes, that will do :wink: ) of Twist of the Wrist 2 turned up on the pub drive it's my job to keep clear of pron and mp3s.

    Anyway, quick flick through over lunch yesterday and I'll be damned if I haven't improved my cornering about 10% in a day.

    I had the whole 40/60 thing in my head wrong. Was more holding speed rather then rolling on the throttle and I realise in hindsight a proper roll on is what I did when I accidently got the knee down a few weeks back and it's probably also the reason I haven't been close since (that or because I've been riding a donated CB250 :LOL: ). Well, last night managed to "just" touch the outside of the leg on the curb while stuffing around in an old industrial estate and generally having a ball.

    Also think I've been sitting a bit to stiffly and taking slightly wrong lines. Didn't get the slightly tired arms I normally tend to after any decent ride last night and I think it's because I leant forward a little more and gave my elbows a little slack. Even managed to have a headshake without soiling myself. :oops: At this rate I'll have the little Nighthawk laying darkies out of the bends in no time :p :LOL:

    Anyway, if you haven't read it go grab a copy. Well worthwhile IMO. It all makes sense really and a lot of it seems obvious even but it's well explained and you actually walk away and try it.
  2. How about allowing ftp access to this file ;)
  3. I lost my copy during the move over here from WA :-(

    Really must get another, brilliant book.
  4. Another "convert" :D
    Certainly one of the best books of it's kind, often referred to as "The Bible".
  5. Just did a web search for this. It's easy to find the electronic version if you are after it
  6. I believe if you go to this site (http://www.sbz.ro/modules.php?name=...start=15&sid=4236c6e807b516491ee4ee102b0de231) and have a look halfway down you will find some info on where to get it. i haven't checked that it works, and if it did the yahoo website would probably be in italian but i am pretty sure totw2 is only published in english.

    Just in case you couldn’t find the info in the link above:

    Yahoo! ID: carti_moto
    Password : parola

    here is a recommended link that i know you can definitely access the book www.amazon.com
  7. Thanks roundabout.

    Too many people accessing that mailbox I think getting timeouts
  8. TOTW2 is worth the money.

    I had my first real go in ages on the bike up around emerald/gembrook on saturday, and thankfully it all came back to me.

    Shoulders loose, look in, look through, roll on, load the pegs, knee out etc etc.

    Ahh the joy.


  9. ROFL...quick lunch time blat, few test runs to get comfy, a bit of hanging off and KNEE DOWN through the Wakefield St esses on a clapped out CB250.

    Women swooned, men gasped, children stood in awe.

    ...well some dude on a scooter laughed at least.

    /me goes out to buy skintight star spangled suit and silk cape.