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OMG stupid cagers must be sleep driving

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raiden337, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Ok I've had my first close call,

    Today on the way home I'm moving down a lane past a lot of slow moving traffic, then; and take note this al happened very slowly.

    a car slowly creeps out from a side street into my lane, i could see the driver and he loked so f'n dopy and asleep. he just slowly drifted out into my lane not even looking or moving fast for that fact. I quickly pushed the right handle in and swerved into a gap that could just fit the hyosung and looked into my mirror to see him merge and close the gap...

    wtf was he thinking!? Do i not deserve to own a lane to myself? is a bike coming straight down an empty lane invisible!?

    GRRR I'm so annoyed and pissed right now! I can't believe this happened, i know the rest of the traffic was moving slowly but still i didn't lane split i was in the right wheel track of the left lane. and he just slowly drifted out and almost cost me my bike.

    lol i bet he went home thinking "stupid biker"

    anyway, obviously i shouldn't have been over taking in the left lane... anytips for avoiding this again?

  2. Welcome to riding dude. Get used to it. No point getting upset 'cause it's going to happen over and over again :wink:
  3. Nup, you did everything okay, you assessed the situation, assessed your response, and committed to your response. just don't be afraid to brake insead of gun the throttle.

    I was thinking the other day, I have never actually seen red while riding, including two close-call pullouts. I know what it's like to have a brainfade while driving, and for every farkhead I have to deal with, there's at least two good stories. (Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when cars move for bikes to get through, or the entire body of traffic calmly moves out of the way of the emergency services)
  4. I dont understand,........where did you find an empty left hand lane..???
    can only guess that other than being a total wanker, he didnt see you :LOL: .........if he was looking at you coming head-on you may have blended with the background of colour and metal.......
    By the way be cautious approaching VE commies from the side guys, I have one myself and I can tell you they are a bastard with that thick front pillar. I am aware and am always rubbernecking around it checking for cars or bikes from the side BUT........one lax moment and trust me
    You Can Hide A Bloody Car Behind It From Some Angles. :eek: :mad:

  5. You noticed a threat long before it was a threat, failed to slow down and anticipate the threat, and had to countersteer to avoid it. Just because you have right of way, doesn't mean you'll get it.
    Learn from that lesson.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. +1
    Be angry with yourself as well for not anticipating what happens on the roads every single day.
  7. Absolutely, and like it or not, you should ride with that in mind. It'll help you to be more aware of potential threats, and you'll be better prepared when some knucklehead in a cage does something stupid.
  8. People push in even if you're in a car. Hell, I do it myself. There's lots of intersections where if you don't take the prerogative, you'll be there for 2 hours. The thing is, you make it clear what you're doing, merge confidently, and everyone makes a bit of room. Charging in just because you have right away is silly, even more so on a bike where you're going to lose every time.

    You saw it coming from a mile away and didnt give space?
  9. Sounds like he was just taking your space, hence the moving really slow making you move. Should have given the idiot hell.
  10. As has been said...Welcome to riding...it'll happen alot, so get used to it, get over it, and move on to the next threat.

    By your description, I agree with Andrew....it sounds like YOU had time to lessen the danger but did nothing ahead of time?
    ....drivers are trained by habit to look for cars...I'll bet he saw the car behind you....just looked right through you, and figured he had plenty of time before that car got to him...Quite possibly, you were not even a part of his judgement.

    Another point....If a driver does'nt see you...however STUPID the reason...he does'nt see you...and if they have'nt seen you, then they are NOT going to give way, and could kill you!!!...It comes down to you avoiding them, then.

    Yes, Yes...it would be nice if they DID see us every time, but you being their hood arnament is a hard way to make a point.