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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I just stumbled upon the realisation that the Honda RVF400 is L & P plater LEGAL in NSW under the LAM's ruling. I cannot friggin believe it. Talk about one HORN looking bike. Does anyone know much about it or if it is a good bike??

    Here is one

    Here is the LAMS approved motorbike list

    Sorry for the ranting but i only just discovered this bike and i cannot for the life of me believe it is learner legal.

  2. I owned one when I lived in the UK and since moving out here have picked one up as a track bike. I found them not to be to popular out here due to people seeming to have a fear of grey imports but believe me if it cheep enough snap it up. They are a rocket ship of a bike. Best fun you'll have without an erection.
  3. Excellent bikes, as good as they look.

    Bullet proof motors, light & nimble with quite a gutsy engine for this class of bike.

    They can be a bit of a squeeze if you're a little long & prices are on the steep side, but definitely a quality piece of kit.
  4. I'd have one in a flash if I had the cash to spare.

    Man, how I love those 400's. :)
  5. the 400 is such an underrated size eh, no-one seems to care much for them till they've ridden one. i almost up and bought a GSXR400 off ebay the other week, went for $900. but that woulda been bike number 4 in the garage and none of the others are going anywhere to make room....

    you guys in NSW have it good, 400s rock :D
  6. How hard is it to get parts for these bikes? Can the local dealer order them in or do you have to buy from overseas yourself?

    Looks pretty good, I need to check out all the bikes on the LAM list, get something a bit better than the 250.
  7. got a gsxr400 project bike at the mo, love those 400's

    i also have an xj400z in the uk and the thing is a total weapon
  8. How hard is it to get parts for these bikes? Can the local dealer order them in or do you have to buy from overseas yourself?

    There is a mob in Brisbane who do parts from japan for imports and have most stuff on the shelf. Motorcycle Import Center. Look on the net they have a web site.
  9. Anything people are committed enough to race has yo be a good jigger.

    I think they look great and I'd have one in a heart beat just for the track if I could afford it.

    I say one for sale when I was at Broadford for about 6-7,000. It came with a stack of spares and was already race ready. I hate being poor!
  10. these days there are a fiew wreckers who specialise in brining in bikes from Japan just to wreck... so there are parts avalable but there is not much competition so prices are a bit up...

    What is the difference b/w RVF400 and a VFR400??

    My mate at work picked up a VFR400 of the trading post... $4000 with RWC and reg.. it was stolen/recovered and crushed/rebuilt but it is in top noch...
  11. As Marty says the RVF has upside down forks, a 17" rear wheel, smaller carbs than the VFR which gives them a little bit more midrange but a little less topend & I think the brake calipers are slightly different. One thing is for certain, they are the most fun you can have with your pants on. I have yet to read a bad review on them anywhere. My VFR rips to the 180 speed limiter & I am told they are good for 220 odd with it removed. Makes my 750 feel like a whale in comparison but I can now sort of see the attraction of a fat girlfriend as the 750 is still more comfortable for a longer ride, having said that I have done a couple of 4 hour rides on the 400 with only petrol stops & pulled up fine
  12. Approved motorcycles for novice riders
    Eligible Motorcycles in the category 261 - 660ml

    has anyone heard of a cb350?? wtf is that a rebore? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I dont think the VFR is LAM approved (NSW L/P's legal) though. I think they have just a bit more power and less weight than the RVF and that pushes them just outside the limit.
    I have heard people saying it might be possible with some stuffing around ??
  14. Here you go guys i just read this and it's very handy info. It can be found HERE