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OMG not happy! Never let a girl touch your bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jezzabelle, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Ok,

    So I took yours and the girlfriends advice, and held off the riding until I got my learners. Did that Saturday and yesterday morning, was fun and informative. It was good to get trained on the emergency braking and stuff :)

    So I get home yesterday afternoon, she hands over the keys and I suit up to go for my first legal ride. Am only gone about 5 minutes and come back with a big grin on my face :grin:

    Now here's where things turn gay

    My girlfriend, not an owner of a motorbike, but a holder of a P class motorbike license, wants a go. Due to her being qualified, and me being whipped - I unwittingly hand over the keys.

    I tell her before she goes "You're the first female ever to operate any of my motor vehicles, so don't fcuk things up"

    Famous last words.


    She comes walking back carrying my helmet, sobbing :roll: I'm like fcuk this don't look good

    Indicator broken, front fairing cracked and scratched, side fairing scratched and a little bit on the back one, gear lever is bent and snapped and will only find first and neutral, not to mention scratched clutch lever and handlebar :shock:

    Goddamnit, can't believe I let her touch my baby! :evil: Just had a roadworthy and everything!!!

    So, can anyone recommend a place close to Melbourne cbd to get repairs? I can't go far cos it's stuck in first. Any recommendations?

    I'm so damn eager to ride, I can't believe this has happened! Grr

    ps. I know some of you will think I've made this elaborate girlfriend story up - I have her tearful texts saved on my phone for proof. not that that makes any difference here lol
  2. look on the bright side

    now anytime she ever hassles you about anything (going out with the boys, forgetting her birthday ect) you can remind her of this occassion
  3. I told her blowjobs for the rest of my life

  4. Then WTF are you worried about your bike for?
  5. Hmmm.

    Hope you gf is ok?
    Give her some cred, she was obviously upset but you seem to be more worried about some cosmetics on what looks to be an already resprayed bike.

    Give her a break and support then worry about your bike.
  6. I do forgive her, she is ok. I didn't make a big deal out of it in front of her, that's why I'm venting here :p

    Just so painfully annoying, I keep looking out the window and it's there - unrideable - staring at me lol
  7. ...was gonna agree 100%, however, after careful consideration
    I'd prefer...

    ... " Get on your knees you naughty bad girl & repent to the snake God " :LOL: :LOL:
  8. :LOL:
  9. its pretty ruined now. i tell ya what, i'll give ya $200 for it
  10. SOLD

    cough cough
  11. You sound like a prize prick. Get your head out of your arse. That bike has clearly been crashed and resprayed before, and the damage here is minor. You need to re-sit your girlfriend license.
  12. Man... they have licenses for that too now?

    Sheesh... I thought a marriage license was bad enough.. :)
  13. Dang, Loz - you beat me to it.

    Mate - My partner completely trashed my bike once - and I really didn't give a shit about it because I was more worried about him being okay. I didn't turn around to him and say something like "Now you've trashed my bike you'd better like oysters...."


    (BTW - we'd better change the 'e' in your name to an 'i')
  14. pity she didnt roll it off a cliff.. what a load of sh!t...your poor poor bike..has she left you yet ?.
  15. Hehe,

    And you guys know what about the relationship I have with my girlfriend?

    Look, that comment was made in jest, kinda like a 'you break it, you buy it' sorta statement before she took off.

    And the way I've come across on here is not the attitude I have displayed towards her. I have been nothing but supportive, my immediate concern was for her wellbeing, and relief at her being ok. But now that she is ok, the next day, relief turns to frustration.

    I use the internet as an anonymous, non face to face way to express emotions and feelings I otherwise wouldn't, in this case, my frustration

    Tell me how you'd be feeling, newly licensed, with a day off work? lol
  16. post up a picture of the flowers you gave her to say its alright and ill take back what i said

  17. "I told her blowjobs for the rest of my life "

    look on thr brighter side

  18. If you stick around here for 6 months, you'll probably know 50 regular posters personally. Think about that when you choose how to represent yourself, particularly when it comes to disrespecting your own woman.

    Your gear lever is probably slightly bent, preventing you from changing gears. Bend it out again (carefully) with a large ring spanner.
  19. Yeah, and just to clarify so I don't get bagged for that:

    The winking emoticon in my post, indicates that it was a joke and I therefore did not say any such thing to my girlfriend.

    end disclaimer
  20. Send her to me. I shall spank her!

    Naughty, bad Zoot! :shock:

    And after the spanking...