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OMG - Neil Mitchell asks a sensible bike question!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Listening to the tail end of the daily chat with Kieran on 3AW. And Neil asks Kieran how he's finding riding a bike in Melbourne during the championships. He asks if we are any better or worse than Sydney drivers. To me, that implies that he actually understands that car drivers are a problem to bikes.

    Kieran replied that Melbourne was no worse or better than other places, except he found that those silver metal things down the middle of roads made it interesting.
  2. Do you mean pushbike of motorbike Ceejay?and this is Kieran Perkins yeah?
  3. Didn't ya know? Kieran rides bikes, of the powered type. I'm sure I've seen pics of him on a Fireblade or similar.
  4. Its an awesome looking bike. I thought it was a Ducati, black, not a lot of fairing....I saw a rider going to the airport last week at the lights with a backpack that had 2000 Olympic Swim team on it. I figured it was someone associated with the team (rather than a fan type bag).

    Got onto the plane and there he was in business class. Same bag and it all clicked.
  5. I saw a photo of him sitting on a BMW, and the photo caption seemed to indicate it was his personal bike (K1200R?)
  6. Yeah you see difference is that 'our Kieran' to quote Ray Martin, he's a sports star, so he gets- the Neil Mitchell, official :roses: ,seal of approval :wink: motorcycle rider or not.
    If your a sports star in Oz, you got the green light baby, to do ANYTHING you like :shock: virtually. Wayne Carrey(spelling)grabs a passer by on the tit-no probs-he's a football star, goes to court "orrrrrr-I dont want it to effect me game, Im sorry"
    "your a vevy bad boy,dont do it again,now go kick some goals" as the judges gavel fell,"case dismissed"
    If you have seen half these assholes on end of season trips, behave like animals in the pub =; but its ok :furious: hey didnt you know,you traitoress a-hole Ken,He's :roses: a sportstar :?
    What a croc of shit :jerk:
    Footballers are 1 up on the evolutionary chain of diplomatic immunity from swimmers-granted Kieran's in superfish status so has equal billing.