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OMG! I squidded and lived.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Yeah, well it was Sunday, the beach and cafe is only a 1.5km ride away and I was too sick and too tired to walk..

    So I took Liz on the back of her Vespa 250 down to the cafe, resplendent in my safety t-shirt, shorts and thongs. Mind you, I was safe because I had me gloves and helmet on...fark it felt good. Not sure I want to make a habit of it, but what's the point of having a scooter if you can't squid occasionally?

    So go on, all you ATGATT fiends, dish me your worst!

    I am intending this to be a great topic starter and venting thread for the coming squid season in those cold southern climes....

    I reckoned if I couldn't ride 1.5km without falling off and causing major damage, I don't deserve to ride.
  2. WTF? What right do you have to burden our hospitals and insurance companies with stupid acts like yours, when we have to cop the excess of your acts....blah blah blah.


    Fair enough. I'm a fair advocate of individual rights, also ATGATT. If you're comfortable riding a short distance to the cafe with your GF in the back then thats fine by me. I can't see why you shouldn't be allowed to do it.

    I can see that it'd suck if somone pulled out in front of you, though. *cringe*

    Cheers - boingk
  3. It's your choice, and nobody should have any say in it… including helmets.

    That having been said, I won't ride even a block without all my gear, but that's after seeing my dad get pretty torn up…

    …after putting a Ninja through a restaurant in Los Angeles.
  4. The only reason all you ATGATT weenies have motorbikes to ride is because real bikers have being doing whatever the hell they want for decades.
  5. WHAT!???? :shock:

    Blasphemy!!! :evil:

    Somebody call the spanish inquisition!
  6. I'm SPEECHLESS :shock:

    BAD BOY !!

    .. :wink:
  7. Ironically this is what I say about skydivers who won't jump without automatic activation devices on their reserves :LOL:

    The reason I only ride with full gear is just because I know that if I do it once, I'm going to do it again… and again… and again. The easiest way for me to avoid bad habits is not to start them in the first place.
  8. What's a Vespa?

  9. This :twisted: .
  10. Riding a motorbike with thongs on is just pure STUPIDITY! I found that they tend to get caught on the gear lever so the best thing to do is just pop 'em down the front of your t-shirt till you get there, problem sorted
  11. A good friend of mine fell over at a light because his shoelace got caught up in the gear lever and he couldn't put his foot down. Best part? His girlfriend on her bike took a pic of him with her phone before she helped lift the bike off of him :LOL:
  12. Dude, if you were really hard core you'd be jumping without a chute ;) You would have balls so big that you could stretch the skin on your scrotum and glide to safety like a sugar glider.

    Ga'arn, try and get that image out of your head for the rest of the afternoon people :twisted:
  13. It's okay to squid on a scooter. It's not a real bike.
  14. Two up on a vespa.

    The only reason you survived was that you obviously weren't speeding. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. [​IMG]
  16. You rang?

  17. It's what Lizzy rode 1600km up from Brissy on!
  18. You all miss one important fact....

    Not only did I squid to the cafe on a Vespa, I did it with a PILLION! Who was also squidding. OMG, I've turned native.
  19. Oh, so it's a trade wind???
  20. Did you look anything like this cejay?


    Or did you wear the dainese cashmere scarf of 300% protection most scooter riders wear??


    Just remember while your up there cejay, your up there, but down here...


    And for something totally random, while searching google images for "hot chick scooter" I got this... go figure...