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OMG I like donuts but !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. i only just got home from a little evenings ride :twisted: yeah some of the roads were wet and greasy but alot of fun :twisted:

    Coming home I past Fountain Gate SC and im not joking when i say the Human que out the front was at least 40pp , but the drive through ???
    was up and around two round abouts and easly went for 3k !!

    Now i like donuts, and have yet to try one of these Krispy Kream's but to que up at 12.45am ? and i'd say alot of them in the que are still going to be there in a few hrs time :shock:
  2. I was there at 7.30, the wait in the standing line was 1 hour, and the drive thru was 3 hours.

    We got our doughnuts though, and my son has finally stopped bugging me - that alone was worth the 1 hour wait. :p
  3. donuts are overrated. buy a block of chocolate instead :p
  4. In store is meant to close at 11pm and drive thru is 24/7...

    I've been past there everyday since it's been open and I can't believe the que's :shock:

    It's now been open for 3 full days and the line has not decreased at any stage since it's opening... That's some massive profits for KK and a lot of extra calories for all those indulging KK customers (and I'm one of them :LOL: )
  5. dude... .go to sleep!!!!
  6. I second that motion eswen all those in favour say I. KK whats the big deal anyway, people sleeping out to get the first donut now thats just stupid.
  7. obviously theres a lot of homer simpsons out there :grin:
  8. :LOL: I still can't believe i stood in that line for 2 hours just for doughnuts.
  9. I've tried a few of em and wasn't that impressed. I know people who drive from newcastle down to Sydney just to buy em.
    They buy like 6 dozen just to keep their fix goin.

    Absolute madness in my book.

    It's a donut for f(*& sake
  10. Yeah, i went past there at about 4pm and the queue was meant to be ~90 minutes for both car and walk-in. They sure have got a kult following for the KK franchise. Anyone else think this might be the Kult of the Krispy Kremes?
  11. I went into the Hungry Jacks over the road last night and one of the young guys behind the counter looked exhausted and he said they have been flat out as well since Krispy Kreme opened up, so I suppose at least it's helping other businesses in the area by bringing in more people from other areas that are stopping by and having a look around.
  12. Relax, the frenzy will die down, as it did here in Sydney.

    But be prepared for the second wave; along with the several donut 'factories' they will open up shop-fronts in places like Chrinside Park and truck freshly-cooked donuts from the factories to them...

    You cannot escape the tentacles of the Krispy Kreme empire.....
  13. Friend and I drove past at 7pm last night........ :shock:

    We went around the first round about and out again.... bugger that line... and how big is the actual store too :shock: It like a family restaraunt inside... but no, we didn't wait that long, we came home.
  14. Ask Curtaingirl about her return flights from Sydney every Friday night.... the air hosties started calling it the "donut express".... all the returning Melburnians had boxes and boxes of KK donuts.....

    Including Kate.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. 2hr queues?! What? Are they sticking a little bit of crack cocaine in each one? They're donuts FFS!
  16. Krispy Kremes. We have a lot of them in Sydney. Even at the International Airport.

    I like their coffee and ....... their donuts too.
  17. Queuing that long for food is stupid. Queueing that long for donuts is even worse !!!!!

    There must be something that taste better that you dont have to queue 1 hr for !!
  18. yeah i heard the same about there coffee
    as for the donuts i think the hype has worned off but will have to try the coffee
  19. After hearing people constantly rave about them for over a year now i decided to try a couple the other day...

    Werent too bad but i wouldnt say they were better than any other brand of donuts :?
  20. their hot chocolate is the shittist i have ever tasted.