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OMG - FNQ it is

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Well, Liz applied for and got a job as a teacher in Innisfail (small town, south of Cairns). So, we're off to FNQ for the foreseeable future. We're looking to live just south of Cairns to allow me a chance to get work.

    I have absolutely no idea what I'll do, but it should be fun.

    Not only are we moving up north, Liz is leaving a good teaching position in Melbourne, I am leaving my job and we'll be moving in with each other for the first time. Sooooo just a few changes on the way!

    I've been bored shitless at work and although the pay is awesome and the people fantastic, the whole HP-EDS thing would have meant significant change anyway. With a 2yr contract ending in May, I would have been looking for new work and that would have to have been CBD based (1hr+ commute). So, it's a bad time economy wise, but a good time sanity wise to move.

    We've both visited the area many many times over the last dozen years and love the place. Living there will be a whole different ball game though. Mind you, having spoken to many people who've moved up there, not on of them seems to have a bad word to say about the place. Except the tropical ear. That was a bit of a worry :shock:

    January in FNQ. Talk about experiencing the weather at the deep end.

    Now for somewhere to live. Looks like most rentals up there are ok for pets, so the zoo will be coming with us.

    Only downside is that it's a crap time of year to be riding. If it's not pouring, it's damned humid and none of my gear is really good for those conditions anyway. Those wet weather racing tyres I've got might come in handy though!

    Any tips, ideas on the whole moving interstate thing? I've moved countries before, but the whole living with a new person thing at the same time will be a laugh. Just as well Lizzy is totally brilliant. :) :) :)
  2. Best wishes on the moves, both of them, mate. If you can be the sort of person who will listen, care, say 'sorry' when you're wrong and NOT try and change the other person to be just like you, you'll be fine.

    As for the more important issues, where the heck are you going to do track days :LOL:
  3. Don't think that wasn't a major thought process going on there!
  4. Sorry, no tips CJ.

    Just wanted to congratulate you both & wish you both all the best [​IMG]
  5. Make sure she knows to leave the toilet seat up.

    Otherwise she'll be upset when you piss on it. :)
  6. Some pretty good riding up there - Atherton Tablelands is brilliant :cool:

    All the best for the move and life up there
  7. Ah...you're gunna be an Innisfailure! Nice one!

    I too moved to Cairns at that time (Dec)...pitty I didn't have aircon in the car at the time...now that was a steep learning curve to get acclimatised!

    GLuck with the move :grin:
  8. No aircon? :shock:
  9. Yeah that was 10 years ago before I rode a bike. The frutrasting thing was sitting in traffic in the humid heat and not being able to wind the windows down coz it's pissing down rain for a week :LOL:

    aahhhh..ended up loving it though as I am sure you will too :grin:
  10. Why you back in sunny Melbourne?

    The only thing that really concerns me is getting a job, but I'll just see what happens. If nothing else, the change will be good.
  11. Moved to Cairns (from NSW) just after finished school...worked at a bar etc for two years, then did uni back in NSW and like every other NSWelshman at the moment decided to move to Melbourne to work for a year or two (and that was almost five years ago lol :LOL:

    Do you see yourself staying there forever and a day or planning to move back at some stage?
  12. One day at a time...

    I think the issue with living there will be that moving back would be hard to do. We both have places here that, if we sold, would allow us to buy outright in Cairns. So although the price of property is about the same, what you get for your money is mighty impressive.

    I'd like to think we'd settle and grow old there. :)
  13. Congrats on the big move Cejay!

    The only advise I can give you is don't take anything you don't want to go mouldy yet. And take some REALLY good wet weather gear... stay away from Goretex apart from the lighter weight stuff!
    The good thing is when the weather does get better you are at the doorstep of the Gillies and Palmerston ranges... :cool:
    Let me know and I can put you in contact with my mates up there who ride your way quite often.
    Oh.. and get used to putting "ay" on the end of every sentence!!! :LOL:
  14. Ah, nice and warm, snorkeling at the reef. sounds good. enjoy it!

    we went up for a holiday a few months ago, i think jan may just be a wee bit hotter :shock:
  15. Haa haa haa haaa! :LOL: :p

    Good luck with the "moves" and safe driving/riding :)

  16. Cejay, sincere warm wishes on the new adventure that lay ahead!

    Really pleased for you and Liz! :)

    Awesome news... and 'gratz on the move to domestic bliss :)
  17. All the best to you and Liz.
  18. Thanks Rog! It's going to be a fun and challenging time. Going to miss so many people and so many things, but opportunities like this don't come along too frequently, so it's something we have to try.
  19. I'm very happy for you both to be leaping headfirst into such an exciting change. I'm sure you'll have a ball building a new life up there.

    But it sucks for the rest of us cause we'll miss both you guys when you go. Best of luck guys and you'll always have a home here if you want it.
  20. Congrats Cejay on your next big exciting adventure with Liz (and furries in tow) :grin:

    Moving in together is a wonderful experience.

    You will both be missed :(

    Does FNQ have paralysis ticks? You'll have to do daily checks on the furries if that's the case.