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OMG fck off flies

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Filo01, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. i just had to post a little rant, I went running when i woke up this morning like i normally do around 10 minutes into my run i got mobbed by packs of flies, freaking drove me nuts, got even worse when i tried doing some sprints, i know it normal during really hot days but god.

  2. I hate them they really irritate me too
  3. I reckon there are more of them this year than normal.
  4. Aerogaurd?
  5. I had myself covered in it during the last track day, and it felt like I was feeding them instead!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Bushmans is the go! :grin:
  6. Or you could just move to Tasmania, great roads too :LOL:
  7. We can blame the cattle of NSW but those pesky flies are just part of the environment and aren't about to fly away, writes Chee Chee Leung.

    THE great Australian wave has returned as Melbourne buzzes with flies - and if you think there are more this year than usual, you're probably right.

    The common bush fly breeds in cow dung in central NSW, hitching a ride south to Victoria - and even Tasmania - with the northerly winds.

    "It happens around the same time every year and it's more or less the same problem," explains Melbourne Zoo's invertebrate specialist, Patrick Honan. "But this year the problem seems to be slightly worse."

    Recent humidity in NSW has produced ideal breeding conditions for the flies, which continue to thrive after migrating south, due to Melbourne's recent warm weather. A cold spell can bring numbers down, but the cool change that started yesterday is unlikely to have much of an impact.

    In the meantime, flies are still breeding on cattle farms up north, and with the average cow dropping 10 to 12 dung pads a day, they provide an enormous amount of fertile fly breeding ground. Just one cow pat can produce up to 3000 bush flies in a fortnight.

    The type of poo the flies eat when they are maggots helps to determine their size and life span. If the dung is too wet, the cows have been munching on poor-quality pasture, or the cow pats are overcrowded, the flies will be smaller and will not live as long.

    These smaller flies are the biggest nuisance to humans, flying into our eyes and mouths in search of the nutrients, especially protein, that they missed out on as maggots.

    Even though they come from a less than desirable source, there is no need to worry about them carrying NSW cow poo all the way to your face. Flies in fact have quite good cleaning practices - constantly cleaning themselves by rubbing their body with their legs. "They are very clean creatures but they hang around in very dirty places," Mr Honan says.

    That means while they won't be tracking cow dung to your eyes, they might be carrying germs from other grimy places they like to frequent, such as rubbish bins and tips. "They do carry germs, and some of them can be quite harmful, so if they get into your mouth, you want to spit them out as quickly as possible."

    In Victoria, there are several hundred species of flies. Apart from the bush fly, other species often seen in the state include black flies, blowflies and hoverflies. The mosquito is also part of the fly family. Nationwide there are more than 10,000 described species of flies, but the real number could be considerably higher.

    In terms of the total number of flies in Australia over summer, one estimate has put it at one quintillion - a one followed by 18 zeros - but other estimates have varied by as much as several zeros more or less on the end.

    Authorities have introduced more than 50 species of dung beetles to help get rid of cow pats, and control bush flies. Mr Honan says while these projects have had some success, they will not get rid of flies completely.

    He also says it is important to remember flies play a key role in our ecosystem. Some help in plant pollination, while many other animals - including birds, predatory insects and spiders - rely on flies for food.

    Museum Victoria entomology and arachnology collections manager Catriona McPhee says while flies are annoying, they are just a part of life in an Australian summer.

    "When we get warmer weather, we start to get flies," she says. "There's nothing you can do - we live in Australia, there's lots of animal poo, and there's lots of flies."

    She also dismisses suggestions of a fly plague. "It's just with the warmer weather ... people go outside more, and they notice them more."

    Mr Honan agrees there are not many options when it comes to avoiding flies. They are fast-breeding and adaptable insects that have built up some resistance to insecticides and, to a lesser extent, the repellents we use to keep them at bay.

    His tip for those frustrated by flies is to stay indoors with the flyscreens on. "If you're outside, there's not much you can do. They are a native fly so they've always been here, and there's not much we can do to stop them from being here."
  8. Heard somewhere there is a plague of them, more than there normally is.. :?

    They eat the repelant for breakfast. :twisted:
  9. +1 for the Bushmans repellant.
    It's the only one that works IMO, mega chemical warfare.
  10. Serves you right for keeping fit, you help to keep the flies off us lazy ba$tards :LOL:
  11. Corked hats rock. You look like a fool but it's of little consequence for most of us. :grin:
  12. It just goes to show that yet again that the state of NSW and its bulls**t is to blame for another bloody nuisance for us Victorians. :evil: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I sweat to god they're flying in swarms this year, of like hundreds instead of the normal 10 odd that would p!ss you off. There's been a bit more rain lately hasn't there? Well there has in Canberra (more than the drought norm) and flies are generally attracted by water aren't they? (as well as sh!t!!)
  14. I killed 3 this morning.

    Flies are annoying, but I hate mozzies a lot more.

    Interesting thing I heard:
    Flies have learnt to return when lightly brushed away - this behaviour came about from flies being moved off by the gentle swishing of a horse's tail; they fly off, but then return because they know the threat isn't serious.
    If you try to hit a fly at or over a certain speed, they don't return because they know the threat is serious.

    I've tried this, and it seems to work. So try to actually kill them when you swat at them: you'll either kill them, or they'll leave you alone properly.

    ... obviously if there's a billion flies in the air, new ones you haven't tried to kill yet will be quite happy to try landing on you, though :)
  15. I can't stand them either! :evil:

    When I did my P's the amount of flies was crazy and it was bloody distracting too.
    Mozzies are hell annoying too and worst still cockroaches that fly :shock: I think I have a phobia
  16. :LOL: Just imagining my recent outdoor dining experience where the flies were ruining it completely. So instead of trying to appear slightly civilized and brush them aside, I should have swatted them with avengance "Kill the f#$@ers!"
  17. I can't guarantee the swearing will deter the flies, but I can guarantee it will make you feel better :)
  18. I have noticed a lot of flies appearing lately it sucks, but was surprised when I was woken by a whine noise this morning... dam mossies
  19. So basically attempt to smash them yes? Overlooking the fact you would like you a complete nut to someone driving/walking past?

  20. :LOL: I hate that noise!!! Why do they have to go near the ear?