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OMG Dropped my Bike FFS.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Squash, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. I don't even know how this happened, was simply moving the bike out of the way so the GF can move her car, all of a sudden its on its side. So :oops: right now. And angry and sad, feel like shit.

    Anyway, after I picked it up it there was fuel on the ground, only a small amount but it obviously leaked from somewhere. Is the normal?

    Also the chain seems to be really loose and almost resting on the bit of metal below it???

    Other than that it has a scratched fairing, broken and bent front brake and mirror is buggered. Anyone know if the spares are cheap?
  2. Sh!t mate. Bad luck :cry: . Dont know about spares.
  3. That dosent mean there is a leak. If it did, fuel would still be coming out.

    Well tighten it using the chain adjuster.

    They cost an arm & leg if buying genuine. Get/order aftermarkets one at a
    bike shop.

    Better still, get rid of all ya mirrors & get some mirror blockers instead. :cool:
  4. Fuel leaking when the bike has fallen over is normal, It would be suprising if the tank didn't dip some fuel when a bike goes over and for everything else what MG said.

    And when you say
    Do you mean the lever or some other stuff.

    Sounds like the bike took a bit of damage from a slow drop, save some trouble in the future and get some oggy knobs.
  5. Call a glass shop re getting the mirror glass replaced
  6. Thanks for your help guys, you must be thinking...what a dickhead. :cry: Well I am anyway. I wasn't even on it, just pushing it out of the way, problem is my driveway is slanted and think I'm some kind of superman. :roll:

    Cleverlie, to be more specific with the brake I meant the lever. It's still usable but a part of it has snapped of and it looks like shit. So I'll need a new one i think.

    MG, I have no idea where the chain adjuster is but I will go through the manual and try and find it.

    Toecutter, the glass is fine its just that it wont stay in any position, it just flops to one side.


  7. Well, you're looking at two entirely separate issues, here, my desperate young friend. The brake lever should be replaceabe with a generic lever; it may look a little different to the genuine one of the other side, but it will work.

    The mirror may just have come loose; there should be a large nut at the base. Put the mirror where it needs to be and tighten up the nut. Bingo, more money saved..

    The chain situation is unrelated to the drop, it's just that you haven't looked at it before. You need to learn how to adjust the chain yourself. There should be a tutorial on this in you owner's manual, if not there are a couple in this forum, for sure. As well, the chain should be being adjusted when you get your regular services, and if you're there at the time, as your mechanic if you can watch and learn.....
  8. You could just make the broken end of it all smooth and have it as a 2 finger lever. :cool:
  9. Hornet600, thanks for the advice, mirror is now fixed. I thought the chain may be unrelated, I just never noticed it sitting like that before.

    So I've had my first drop, next my first off. :wink:
  10. If you think it, chances are it will happen.

    Did you leave the bike in gear? Plenty of bikes fall over whilst idling - many vibrate, and gravity is always the winner.

    And glad slowly coming together at minimal expense for you.
  11. [quote="Cleverlie"
    You could just make the broken end of it all smooth and have it as a 2 finger lever. :cool:[/quote]

    i had meself one of those.... made me feel faster :LOL:
  12. Only joking mate. Thats the last thing on my mind when riding.

    Nah she was in Neutral, and the engine was off. Only had to move her about 5 feet. :eek:

    Cheers. :)
  13. So I guess you didnt read my post from the other day then :p

    :idea: Sit on the biatch when moving it next time. [​IMG]

    Adjusting the chain is simple to do. Just do a google search or refer to manual
    if you have one.

  14. Check first because, from memory, painted Hyosung replacement fairing prices are rather cheap.
  15. No worries. :wink:
  16. Hahaha. Actually I did see it. After I dropped it I thought, shit that guy was right. :LOL: Thanks for the link, checking it out now.
  17. You'll drop it again. Get past it and think harder next time!

    Regards, Andrew.