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OMG dropped again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MystDmeanr, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Yes yet again, this time not by cages, but was dropped by my younger brother this afternoon. No matter how many times you tell em "Dnt get on the it, you'll drop it" they never ever listen.

    He broke my clutch lever, cracked my flairing, deep scratches on the flairing and mirrors. o my word.

    I was goin to enjoy a ride up the OPH tomorrow to. :cry: :evil: :cry: :evil: .

    Sticking my knees out round slow corners seems fun. :LOL: :LOL:
  2. :eek: geeez mate you should have learnt from all the horror stories on here from people lending their toys to family members, no good at all.

    your brother is going to pay for all the repairs yes?
  3. My brother is only 14, he many not have money but he'll pay one way or the other :twisted: :twisted:
  4. i'll be OPH'ing tomorrow also.
    I hope it doesn't rain !
  5. Thats why i never let anyone besides my trusty self ride my beautiful baby (And still she gets run over by non-looking family members :( )

    Make sure he pays for it, it'll ensure that the next time he goes anywhere near it it will be that little bit safer ;) .
  6. make him pay, as bad as it might sound but that way he knows that his bad action will always suffer some consequence :grin:
  7. Thats the way there are plenty of ways to make him pay :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Do you have other siblings ?? If so you could just 'do away with' this brother, would make a good lesson for the others and save your folks some cash. :grin: :grin:
  9. lol @ egiste :)

    If it were my 14yo brother and I'd told him not to touch my bike, he'd be getting a job and paying it off... or at least something like washing my car once a week for the next 2 years :)

  10. Most 14yo boys these days have a fair collection of toys and possessions. I think you need to appropriate them and sell them on eBay to pay for repairs. Lesson learnt! :D

    Bad luck though buddy... fortunately my family wouldn't even go near my bike, even if I said they could. :)
  11. headbutt the little shit with your helmet on until he bleeds to teach him a lesson, then give him a kick in ass and make him find a job to pay for the damage.
  12. yep push bike + playstation would be a good start.
  13. i know the felling a friend of mines little brother was being a smart ass around my bike and knocked it of the stand but i just caught it

    i was putting my gear on at the time
    I was going to punch him but then my friend slapped him so hard he almost got knocked off his feet (note to self never piss her off)

    hope its all fixd soon and you get back on the road :)
  14. I hear there's good money to be made in black-market human organs - I'm sure your brother has a few he can spare to cover the cost of repairs :LOL:.
  15. LOL i could use a new Liver and Kidney :grin: :grin: Too many beers me finks :beer: :beer:
  16. LOL i could use a new Liver and Kidney :grin: :grin: Too many beers me finks :beer: :beer: