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VIC OMG!!!! did TAC just get something right?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Viscera99, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. just found this.

    from my view point it looks pretty good. could have gone further though and focused on phone calls, actively txting etc but unfortunately, history has shown that the best we can expect from TAC is 'two outta 3 ain't bad'

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  2. Still the same shock horror theme though, just doesn't have any impact anymore.
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  3. They will never learn. 'Shock' tactics just don't work.
    Same with the anti-smoking campaigns.
  4. It's more tripe from the same tired old play-book. While I think it's good that they're targetting distracted drivers, I wish to hell that they'd given the creative team a bit more leeway to do something interesting. It'd be great to see what the team that MB had for the SMIDSY ad could do with the same budget as TAC for example.

    As it is, I've got an "auto-ignore" filter that activates with anything that seems like a TAC ad, and this one still very much triggers it.
  5. eh it's all right.. the bloke gets distracted once, twice and finally he fcuks up.

    they love using the girl crossing the road thing don't they? and she never looks.. poor girl. shock horror
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  6. She's getting off a tram. He's supposed to give way.
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  7. I know, I didn't say she didn't have right of way. She didn't LOOK. Trust me, you HAVE TO LOOK when getting off. You can't jump out "Huurrah everyone stop for me". Cars often do not stop.
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  8. I'll give TAC a partial nod for the commercial, because the message is sound, but I suspect most people will ignore it, since the scenario is a bit contrived, and most of the texting that I've seen on the roads is the very careful "look up often from the lap" texter. That's nothing like the guy in the vid.

    Have a look at the texting PSA videos on youtube, they're all much of a muchness and all have a air of contrived scenario about them. I don't think they land the message, even though it's pretty clear. Then have a look at genuine crash vids where texting has been blamed - those are far more compelling. Gruesome even.

    There is a 4min vid, a UK one I think, which is a compelling watch related to texting. Full emergency services, blood, screaming, and believable. It wont be a tv commercial, but it might be a school awareness vid. Worth showing your kids.
  9. +1 Smee

    I've spoken to quite a few people who have said exactly this to me recently. All agree that the shock effect doesn't work for them any more.

    TAC is living in the past. Time to lobby for a change.......to another organisation that is responsible for Road Safety.
  10. Watched a woman on the Westgate Fwy today texting @ 100km/h in medium/heavy traffic.
    Holding the phone at the level of the steering wheel.
    These ads are obviously working well,,,,,NOT!
  11. The general theme I'm picking up with replies to the ads are "Same old same old, try a new a playbook..." Lots of this crap etc...
    If they gave you the job of creating an road awareness ad, car or bike doesnt matter, what would you do, how would you pass the message on. If you have something constructive pass it along to TAC and ask for a consultant fee.

    Maybe have a split screen of one driver texting and one not judge/see the difference in reaction and outcome for the same scenario?
  12. They don't need ads to stop people texting when driving. Just rip up their license on the spot. F#ck it sh!ts me watching people trying to drive and text at the same time. Frightens the sh!t out me watching them weave all over the road. Give them a year off driving. Far more effective than a TV ad.
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  13. Texting in a car? same as hoon legislation, take their car!!!
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  14. I can't understand what the fcuk is so important that they are always texting.... Students in my class do this too.. I ask them but they don't tell me.. I'm pretty sure its just bullshit chit chat..

    I don't get it. Having a reason not to answer/text on your phone is a fcukin privilege. Nothing better than turning the damn thing off so you don't have to do work or listen to bullshit. Asynchronous communication for the win! I'll reply when I feel like it haha.
  15. I agree that it's a good effort. I think the parts where it goes to black screen during the moments of distraction is quite effective. They could do some variations with the driver using mobile phones / texting ... or even tailgating ...

    I like how they mention how far the vehicle travels duing the moment of distraction.
  16. How many kids would even conceptualise what 27m looks like???
  17. There's an idea for an ad right there.. how many interesting things do you miss while you're looking at your phone? How far _is_ 27m? It could be something like that dancing bear ad :)

    Or how about "how much of a twat do you look to other drivers while you're distracted/how much more alert do other drivers need to be because of your negligence"..?

    .. or how about take a bunch of people from the street and try to get them to drive while you throw all sorts of distractions at them. Prove to them that they're not as good at multitasking as they thought.

    The thing with that ad is that it seems very contrived. It seems unlikely that he's been looking at the phone long enough for his entire visible set to have been replaced. I would imagine that most people will be operating with much more than 2 seconds worth of forward vision/planning. Especially the section on the open road with the cyclists -- it seems very unlikely that he wouldn't have already noticed them and taken them into account.

    Do other netriders have any thoughts about how a better ad might have been produced? Maybe we should have a go at making our own here too :)
  18. Oh I think we all have ideas as to how they could do it better. But, when we try to work with TAC they refuse to listen to us.

    TAC don't listen - they are marketers...... Us analysing their pathetic efforts is exactly what the want us to do.
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    Here's what purports to be a genuine piece of footage. You could put a voice over on it to sell the anti texting message.

    You could make a PSA from this piece of real footage too: [media=youtube]sJkbx4ZVTn8#t=39s[/media]
  20. He he he. I delight in purposely walking in front of the zombies who are staring at their phones, frantically stabbing at their screens with a glazed look in their eyes, as they shuffle down the street, oblivious to their surroundings, until they crash into me. This is what scares the cr@p out of me when I see them trying to drive, whilst engaging in the same behaviour