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OMG - 3AW and Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. OMG!

    I am listening to an article on 3AW where two female presenters did their L's at a training facility. Shelby Lynn and Flip Shelton. It's a positive section, talking about the fun, the sense of achievement, the gear that they wore.

    I missed the first part.

    Flip has bought a Vespa and Shelby got a Bolwell. Yay! Next time Mitchell goes on an anti bike tirade, he'll have Flip and Shelby to contend with. And I wouldn't argue with Flip!

    I've only got a few more weeks before I go back to work, this media monitoring gig I've got will have to end.. :(

  2. Neil is doing it top point out that you need bugger all training to get your bike licence and get on the road mixing it with the traffic.
  3. But that's the same for a car. You can learn to drive a car and get your P's with minimal training. I think I did 12hrs when I was learning. I had no other training other than with an instructor. With that 12hrs I then did a test, passed and got a full licence (this was the UK and the test is more or less the same).

    To get a bike licence, you really need to do a 2 day intro course, sit your L's, ride for 3 months and then do your P's. Most people seem to do the 1 day P's course. That's about 20 or so hours training.

    But it was interesting to see that Neil was meek when Shelby and Flip were in the same office, but brash when the caller rang up. Either way, at least they seem to have accepted a challenge and we might get a little more balance.
  4. Well he has a point doesn't he? case in point me, 2 1/2 hrs of L day and off I go. :grin:
  5. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've said it since day dot.

    1 or 2 days (depending on the academy) of riding around a basket ball court and it's "here, here are your L's, go play in the traffic"

    It's utter crap
  6. Probably, but is there an alternative that won't make bike riding unattainable?
  7. At least with L's for a car you are driving around on the road at up to the speed limit for a few months (and not restricted to what Vic referred to quite rightly as a basketball court at 10km/h).
  8. And again, can you provide an alternative that will not make the attaining of a bike licence impossible?
  9. ahhh yeah, the WA system. As per car license - you get an instructor to give you lessons.
  10. Ha I got up to 25kmh :shock:

    I agree but what i would like to see is not a course for the sake of a course. Testing should be done on capability not on whether you can pass the pretty basic tests.
  11. Yeah, cos that works well... :wink:
  12. Beat me to it :LOL:
  13. Is there anything wrong with making it more unattainable?

    I did Qride to go straight to my opens. It was a joke. I've ridden dirt all my life and after a couple of hours on a GS500 (which made me feel uncomfortable having never ridden anything but trailies and MX'ers, but I was still more competent than everyone else there on the day) I'm allowed to go buy an R1. I didnt, but I could have.

    My mate did the same, and he had never ridden before at all! A 1/2 day course and again, he can go buy an R1.

    Then what happens? People kill themselves and bikes as a whole get a bad name.
  14. there will always be accidents.
    doesnt mean the whole system is wrong.

    As far as i'm concerned, the system should be tightened over here. Get your L's and you should have to do a minimum number of hrs with an instructor. As it works at the moment, anyone who has held their license for 4 yrs or more can teach you to ride/drive. If that woman had have been with an instructor she may have learnt some skills earlier. Who knows, it might not have prevented that accident anyway.
  15. Yeah, I was removing the urine a little bit there mate.

    Seriously though, I agree that ALL licences are too easy to get. At least with your bike, it's a "sink or swim" kind of situation. I think that car licences are the ones that need some attention. There seems to be a prevailing attitude that driving a car is a "right" for all. I think we need to shift attitudes to realise that having a car and driving it on a public road is not a right, it's a privilege that needs to be earned, and that there are serious responsibilities that go along with it...
  16. I don't think there is any "perfect solution".

    All I can say is that it is a vast improvement on how it used to be.

    I think back to getting my bike license 20 years ago. The RTA office was on a street corner in a country NSW town. Whilst the tester stood on the corner picking his nose and thinking about having a beer when he knocked off, I had to ride 100 metres down the rode in one direction, turn around and come back, then turn the corner, ride 100 metres up the road and back again. In addition to this difficult test of my riding skills, I had to ride at a slow pace for about 10 metres while the tester walked beside me. That was it. Congratulations, here's your P plates.

    I don't remember my L's completely but I'm relatively certain all I did was a written road rules test and that's it.
  17. I did Qride to get my RE (not eligible to get my R since i have only had my car license 1 year), and through a mistake at the qld transport office, i have my R license. I'm not complaining, but it just points out how insecure the system is.
  18. damn you troll :p :p :p


    Yes, i agree completely. Licenses are too easy to get.
    From an outsiders view, the idea that you guys over east can get your L's and then go out and learn on your own is a little scary. Seems to me like a disaster waiting to happen.
  19. Licenses are far too easy to get, at least for your L's.

    90 second written test over the counter at QLD Transport. Literally, she gave me the test and when she turned to get the other paperwork, I just did it there.

    Walked out, got on a bike for the first time ever, and rode home.

    Luckily I have an aptitude for all things mechanical (operation, not building :p) So I gained a very very quick advantage.. I don't know why, I just kinda got on and rode, my brother still can't believe I got on and looked as if I'd been riding for 6 weeks (as in not perfect, but definitely not 'new')

    So yes, the licenses are FAR too easy to get. I am eligible at any time to get my R license owing to my 4+ year open license... I'm just not yet because I don't need to.

    When I did the test for my P's, the instructors were really harsh, I had to do X many perfect figure-8's within a certain space, no change in throttle, 15 second slow ride etc and yes, it was very hard and took me a few tries, but now I'm much better off for it.

    personally I hope they're 5x harder when I go for my R license, because I know the skills will help me avoid being a statistic.
  20. Same for me - in the city!.
    Didn't get to do the test for the licence, it was raining, the tester didn't want top go outside, simply asked if I fell off on the way. When I answered NO, he wrote out my licence. many hundreds of 1000's of km later, I wonder if I would have actually passed?