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OMFG ... what has happened to common humanity?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Sick Sydney entertained by violent crash deaths.

    THE tragic late-night deaths of a young mother and a truck driver in Sydney had one thing in common - both victims spent their final moments as macabre suburban entertainment.

    There should be a law against not providing reasonable assistance.

    Ashamed :(
  2. I read this and came to the conclusion that while there is probably some truth to it, it's nothing more than a complete media beat-up.
  3. It is Sydney you know!
  4. Humans are the worst and the best all at once, guess that's what makes us human.

    (A tip for mental well being - don't watch the news or read the paper, it's all bad news and will make you believe the World is a worse place than it is.)

  5. +1 I thought exactly the same.
  6. Not good. OTOH, the lady died instantly, so not much could be done there, & the truck driver was pinned or crushed from the waist down, so not much could be done for him either...

    The ironic part is that now it's a media headline... With a picture of the ladies car, that was probably taken by a bystander.
  7. I think so too. The reporter was just going by a few statements the witnesses made and filled in the blanks with her own emotive trash to fill out the story. She just wanted to use the term 'Gore p0rn' to get a headline.

    According to this sentence it makes you think that the teenagers are already at the scene just as or just after the accident. She claims they were 'exhilarated'. How does she know this? Was she there and if so, why didn't she help the victims? Then if you read the very next sentence.....
    So now the reporter tells us Emergency Services are already at the scene. Okay, so does she now expect the teenagers to jump in and give assistance?

    Bad reporting, [sarcasm=on] but I guess because a Commodore or Falcon wasn't involved News.com.au couldn't report hooning/speeding as a cause because Toyota vehicles can't possibly be made to go over a safe operating speed. [sarcasm=stay on] I've got a long shift at work today, I wanna stay grumpy! :LOL:
  8. So the residents came out to see what all the fuss was about.

    It's the reporter who has turned it into 'Gore p0rn'.

  9. What did they expect residents to do?
    Sad to say, but crashes are interesting - look at how many people slow down to gawk at smashes on the motorway.

    Theres not much the residents can do, unless one of them is a paramedic.
    Also these days if you try to help and do something wrong you can get sued.
  10. I wonder if this reporter appreciates the irony that she and her kind are not just looking on, but cashing in on the very same thing that she is complaining about.

    I've been on the scene of a good few car crashes over the years, and yes, if you are not in a position to offer any help it is probably better to just move on. Reporters are the absolute worst in this situation, often actively getting in the way. What really pisses me off though is when you are first on the scene and see just how many people slow down to have a look, take in the situation, and then hotfoot it out of there before they have their plans compromised, even before emergency services arrive.
  11. +1!

    Sounds like the tabloid newspaper equivalent of Alan Jones or one of the other tosspots.
  12. Yeah. I arrived at a car crash that happened at a bus-stop. The people didn't help, yet they had witnessed the crash that had occurred a good 30-60 seconds prior to me arriving.

    Whilst I was helping the driver (single vehicle crash) compose himself, those at the bus-stop calmly got on the approaching bus and rode away! :evil:
  13. WTF!? I can't believe some of the crap that gets published these days in the "news".
  14. Typical media beatup to get headlines, more to the point, it has to do with a strange thing called the bystander affect.

  15. What freaks me out the most is the 368 comments on this story alone!! People in this country are sooo stupid :roll:
  16. notice this story was posted at 1 minute past midnight ON THE 1st OF APRIL.

    Anyone else catch the Shane Warne prank on the radio this morning...hehe
  17. I don't think that April Fool's Day jokes are often published in such poor taste.
  18. I couldnt agree more on the poor taste of this article whether it turns out to be a prank or not. Given the timestamp of posting and the fact I havent seen any other corroborating stories from other sources I'm still sceptical on this one though.
  19. Wrong! You cannot.