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OMFG there are some dumb people around

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. This stuff really does happens sometimes, and not just fat people. I once worked alongside a woman who, one weekend, gave birth to a healthy baby without even knowing she was pregnant. What's more, she was seriously rake thin - unhealthily so, and probably due to her pretty excessive lifestyle - and none of her co-workers had the slightest suspicion she was up the duff either. The substance abuse apparently covered up the usual signs.
    After the birth she cleaned up her act and started to look a lot more healthy, was breastfeeding and stuff, but seriously I would have said it was impossible until it actually happened.
  2. I can see it now, a tv show called "weird breeders".
  3. Yup, happens every now and then.

    My sister is a midwife, and one day when she was on call, they threw her in the back of an ambulance and off they went.

    Turned out, some woman had a baby in the lounge room of her home. She said that it all happened so quickly, the husband didn't have time to find the phone and ring 000. He only managed to ring them after the baby was born.

    Sis said that the woman wasn't all that big either.
  4. It sounds implausible, but it does happen.
  5. A whole pregancy without morning sickness, weird food cravings and mood swings.... hate her already lol

    It can happen but you know its kinda hard to ignore something kicking you in the ribs - from the inside. I find it hard to believe that she didnt feel the baby moving - my son did his own rendition of Stomp every night just to let me know he was there :LOL:
  6. Jesus. I think of that kind of thing and get visions of the aliens movie series *goes green*. Glad i'm male.
  7. +1! :grin:
  8. LOL You guys are FUNNY!
  9. Adorable.
  10. Yes.... Welcome to feeding time lol
  11. Actually that kind of looks like a cock with teeth

    Now i'm not sure which idea disturbs me more.
  12. This is why watching the p0rn version of Alien was probably not the best idea for you :twisted:
  13. well the male goes inside the female so who's worse off?!?!?!?!??! :shock:
  14. Hmmm any good response to that means that the whole PG rating is gonski lol

    Instead I will just say touche ;)
  15. Oh dear god. Nothing is EVER going inside me unless it's alcoholic or food. EVER.

    Now, while I've never been pregnant, and can't get pregnant, and am no expert, being a male and all, as a woman who's been pregnant, maybe you could tell me, could it at all be possible that she thought she was just having stomach pains / crams? =\
  16. blue vain sausage right?

    i'm so going to hell.
  17. Big difference between a kick and a cramp. When babies move around you cant mistake it, the sensation isnt in one place only, like a cramp would usually be. From someone who has been through it I just find it hard to believe she didnt know given that there are a multitude of 'symptoms' that go with pregnancy.
  18. Yes, yes you are. Its not all bad though, you will have lots of people from NR there right along side you :twisted: