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OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first off)!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vani, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I cant't believe it. After all the fuss I made yesterday this has happened today.
    I was going into a small roundabout in Battery Point at around 30-40ks I guess, and hit some gravel just as I was giving the brake a touch. Weeellllllll ......
    Started low-siding and my leg took the weight then sprung over the other side and I went down on my knee with the bike on top of me.
    I don't think I slid (much) but what a shock.
    Despite taking the two of us to pick it up in the carpark I had it off me and upright again almost before the first passerby had opened her mouth.
    Funny thing is I can't see any damage on it, yet.
    Thank heavens I was wearing Draggins.

    Ok so after my uptightedness yesterday I am throwing myself wide open to comments of any nature.

    Go ahead guys... :roll:
  2. Nah man, just glad your OK. Hopefully the bike too! :wink:
  3. Just tell the missus you did it , so she doesn't stress about being the only one to have dropped the baby :LOL:

    Glad all are ok
  4. Yeh no probs, me all ok anyway.

    First thing I did after getting away from the scene was to give her a call and thankfully she was able to ride down and console me a little. I felt just a bit shakey after that.
  5. Understanding woman that one! Specially after the "alleged" flak you gave her.. LOL
  6. Good to hear your are both alright. I guess you and your bike are a bit more resiliant than you'd given yourselves credit for. :grin:
  7. coming off isnt good , as long as you and pillion survive it doesnt matter what happens .

    glad to here your ok .
  8. time to upgrade the vulcan on a coonara?
  9. Yeah, roundabouts suck don't they!

    Glad you're okay, and that the bike doesn't seem damaged.
  10. Roundabouts have to be the most evil bloody intersections ever created.

    I hate them with a passion.

    They are almost always covered in oil and debris that cause loss of traction accidents.
  11. Re: OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first of

    It's hornet's fault!
  12. Re: OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first of

    It's hornet's fault!
  13. Absolutely! The next intersection after the roundabout had a crew working on the road (St Georges Terrace for the taswegians here).
    When Sher and I were riding home afterwards we went back that way to see what had caused it and a big lorry followed us through the roundabout with a tray full of detritus.

    Not nice.
  14. Re: OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first of

    Nah, Hornets OK. Sorry for the bite in the first dropped thread. I was a bit sooky at the time. :p
  15. vani, sorry for the suggestion, I promise not to say anything about other people's crashes, ok smee???

    On a lighter note, I got a call from Trevor Jordan's today to say that the Hornet is fixed and just about ready to pick up; woo-hooo I might get some riding before the weather gets cold and wet.
  16. Re: OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first of

    a bit? a bit?

    A BIT???

    a u out of ur freaking mind???

    u yesterday: :soapbox: devil spawn.

    OoOoOh is that something sparkly i see? all is forgiven my love :p
  17. Re: OMFG, the Vulcan has been dropped again (and my first of

    Bah, great 100th post sweetheart.

    You'll keep....

  18. yay! Some good news there for you Paul. So when are you doing a coffee run on the bikes again?

    Seriously though, glad the bike is relatively unscathed and no major injuries.
  20. Saw the bike last night.... jeez you need the Hubble telescope to see the scratches!!! and that was after both drops!!
    bloody lucky I reckon, and those front crash bars have got some seriously well plated chrome, much better than the average I'm guessing.

    Tell ya what, put some floatees and a CO2 canister in each saddle bag and hook enm up to a tilt switch, act like big anti-fallover airbags :LOL: :LOL:

    Extra lucky you didn't dislocate your knee with that great lump landing on your leg. :shock:

    Good to see you were OK, but a bit dissapointed that Sher didn't give you absolute heaps last night!!!!