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OMFG! I want one!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sillygit, May 2, 2008.

  1. OMG!!!!!!! :eek: OMG!!!


    I'm so getting one if they ever bring it in!!! Do you know how much they're going for??? I HEART Start Wars since childhood!!
  2. For the geek that has everything.
    Except, of course, a life. :LOL:
  3. Yes that calls out to my inner Geek.
    When it progects without a screen then I'll be really impressed :grin:
  4. Not that I would know but PC PowerPlay recently had this in their gizzmos section, apparently there's a mini and full version. The full version costs an absolute freaking mint!
  5. WOW !
  6. I want one! :oops:
  7. Just think of the other alternatives for the technology.

    Like replicas of certain famous figures which have the film shine out of their arse. :LOL:
  8. Now, if you could just get it to vacuum the floors while it's beetling around, it would be REALLY useful.....
  9. Awesome! A novelty idea which is actually quite well done, with all the different features such as ipod dock etc.

    Now if they got together with Sony and built in a PS3 I would be first in line to get one!
  10. No... It would just be a better excuse for the missus when you've already bought one. :wink:

  11. Jodie will kill you. :wink: