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Omeo Hwy - Current Road Conditions.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 99CIBBER, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hey All,

    Planning on riding the Omeo Hwy North from the Bogong High Plains Rd Turn off up to the Murray Valley Hwy. I've read and seen a dirt/gravel section after Glen Valley, and Google Maps can confirm. I'd just like to know the current state of the road, has it been upgraded, worsened??? Roughly how long is the dirt section?? Don't mind a bit of dirt if it's dry. Cheers CIBBER.


  2. There is 35 klms in the middle of very shit gravel road, Gibbers, rough rocks, Etc, Very twisty,
    the rest of the road is excellent, Good scenery, Good camping spots,
    I did it the day before new years eve, Two up,
  3. Anybody ridden thru these areas in the last month as I'm planning an overnight ride thru and would also like to know the road conditions.
  4. Thanks deadman, I think 35kays of shit road is worth doing to experience the beautiful parts. What speed were you averaging on the dirt? Should I allow about an hour for that section?
  5. A couple of my mates went through there about 4 weeks ago and said it was OK, well worth it considering how nice the blacktop sections are. I am likely going to get there this weekend (Saturday).
  6. I'll be expecting a detailed ride report Karl. :)

    Have Fun!
  7. You'll need to consider the recent rains. I'd suggest looking up the Blue Duck at Angler's Rest. They should know what the road is like. Or perhaps the servo at Mitta Mitta.
  8. Probably about 50 kays or so,
    The Bird does not like dirt at the best of times,Its very top heavy,
    A lighter bike, you will have no problems,
    The rest of the road is well worth it tho,
    Make sure you go over to Falls Creek, Thats a good ride as well,
  9. DM, I'll be coming across the range from Bright where I'm staying the night before. Quick run up Mt Buffalo -> Mt Beauty -> Falls Ck -> Omeo Hwy and beyond, prob. try and make it to Tumbarumba for the night or if I'm keen maybe Tumut.
  10. You cracked most of the good bike rides listed above,
  11. The awesome loop,
    and they rave about the Black Spur, all 13 klms of it,
  12. Hi ,
    just rode it on the 15th of this month. There is plenty of gravel and dirt along the road. Twisty at bits. I rode a 1200GS and was happy to flog it along the way. My mate nick rode Honda 1400 (n ot suer exact model) but he sort of was over the dirt road. From Mitata Mitta onwards the road is great with little sections of dirt but enjoyable as well. We took about 2 -3 hrs including lunch.And yes i would do this road again
  13. Sorry guys ran out of time and decided to stay with the group instead of detouring up the omeo Hwy. Next time.
  14. Regarding the awesome loop posted above if staying in harrietville would it be more fun doing it going south via Hotham, omeo, falls creek or the other way via Germantown, falls creek, omeo then back to harrietville?
  15. Me personally, I prefer to ride Harrietville to Hotham. On my bike it's a sore ride on the wrists going downhill for that stretch.
  16. My choice is do that Bright Omeo loop in both directions... :p

    I doesn't make it the same road twice but rather an awsome ride twice the distance...
    Roads, scenery, twisties, etc.... are always different in the opposite direction... hehe
  17. mjt57 on my maiden ride we descended down Hotham in to harrietville and will probably do the same this time too and as you say only makes more sense to do it harrietville to Hotham and climb the hill instead of being on the brakes again all the way down.

    Joe I tend to agree and time permitting we'll do it both ways.
  18. That IS a farking awesome loop. might get it tattooed on my back...
  19. Its better to ride it,