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Omeo Highway VIC

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by colr6, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. As the title states was just wanting to know the condition of the Omeo Highway is in (C537 & C543). Or more specifically what the dirt section is like?
    I will be heading down to PI in a few weeks for the GP and this is one of the proposed roads. Im no stranger to dirt roads but if it is rough and full of pot holes I would prefer to go around another way.
    Any local advice would be great.

  2. The section C537 to Mitta Mitta is sealed. The section from Mitta Mitta onwards C543 is unsealed for much of its length but has a lovely sealed section in the middle that runs along the river flats. I was along there late last year and they were grading as we went through. It is clay in sections and very slippery when wet but otherwise ok. It may have degraded over winter though. The section from Anglers Rest to Omeo is pure magic sealed wonderfulness. ;)

    If it is open after Winter you can do part of what is being called the awesome loop which is the Bogong High Plains rd, sealed all the way. It would mean coming further west before coming down the road to Falls Creek and then across which joins you back to C543 just before Anglers Rest. It is a road closed in Winter though so check Police in Falls Creek to see if it is open.

    Alternatively you can take the Bonang road (C612) which is further east and brings you into Orbost. First part is dirt but good quality. Last 100+ ks is twisty twisty twisty. Give your self some time to enjoy it if you go that way.

    Have fun. :)
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    C543 from tallangatta to Mitta Mitta is awesome. Then it turns to shit when you hit the unsealed section. Rocky pot holed surface quite slow going. I prob averaged 20-25 km an hour on the CBR. The bitumen starts again around glen Willis.
  4. Anyone got an update on the proposed sealing of the remaining gravel section?

    Was announced in May. Wondering if it was done in the last month.
  5. Wow, didn't know this was planned. I made the mistake of coming up that highway a few years ago on a road bike. My bike complained non-stop about it until we got to Mitta Mitta where it's one of the nicest runs I've been on.

    Indeedy, I'll probably come from the Tallangatta side next week and head up to Dartmouth. Brilliant ride. And poor me, I'll have to go through the Snowies to get there. Wooohooooooooooooooooooooo. :)
  6. Yeah, $8 mil was committed to the job.

    There's only about 25km of gravel but it gets a lot of 4WD use and the corner corrugations can be a pox.

    Should be awesome when it's done. Imagine the loops via Hotham, Omeo, Falls Ck, Tallangatta, Mitta Mitta and back over the high country. Reverse directions to even the wear on the rear or else you'd end up with one side bare and the other near new ;-}
  7. OK, update from a local is that the sealing has not been completed.
  8. Thanks for this post, it was useful while planning a recent trip....
    Just an update on this road, as i rode it last week. Approx 4 kms of dirt road still remain, and 10 kms of loose gravel. The good thing is, nearly all the hazards are well marked. The section of road from Anglers rest to Omeo is incredible and well worth the bad section in between.
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  9. Yeah. The dirt section is level and easy. Fine for sportsbikes. The fine gravel on some of the new bitumen should be flicked off before too much longer.
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  10. I have just heard, the Omeo hwy has finally been sealed from Anglers Rest to Mitta Mitta.
    This will be a fantastic alternative to looping up and over Falls Creek, especially during the winter months when they lock the rear gate to Falls creek.

    I know money has been spent on the Mitta Mitta & Eskdale hotels, looks like a good stop for lunch or the night.
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  11. Good news.
    The MM hotel used to look like a morgue.

    Bear in mind that snowfalls and tree falls can close the Hway temporarily in winter between Glen Wills and MM.