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Omeo Highway and Great Alpine Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lui, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Last year I did Tallangatta > Mount Beauty > Falls Creek, then turned left on Omeo Highway to Mitta Mitta.

    This time coming from the south, taking Great Alpine Road to Omeo, I would like to continue on Great Alpine Road to Mount Hotham, then Tawonga Gap Road to Mount Beauty > Falls Creek> Mitta Mitta.

    Is that a good route? I have not done Omeo Highway from Omeo to Bogong High Plains Road, is that a better alternative?
  2. They're all great roads, and the Tallangatta - Mitta - Omeo is fully sealed and a wonderful ride. But watch for the logging trucks!

    The Great Alpine Road is best ridden anti clockwise, ie from Bright through Harrietville over Hotham and down to Omeo. Downhill from Hotham to Harrietville is very twisty and not so much fun.

    I'm leaving in an hour to get some stuff from my house at Dinner Plain; back this evening :D
  3. G'day Mate,
    You must have the new digital version of the clock. :) Bright, Harrietville, Hotham, Omeo is clockwise by my analog clock.

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  4. Agreed! Somebody's probably hijacked HeliHeli's account again. Either that or he's forgotten his medication.
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    Back to school, you two! Tallangatta (1 o'clock) - Omeo (4 o'clock) - Dinner Plain (6 o'clock) - Hotham (7o'clock) - Bright (9 o'clock) is clockwise. The opposite direction (preferred) is anti clockwise.

    I hate the Hume Highway. Are we there yet?
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    Thanks for the tip, it's a bit difficult to route it counter-clockwise, if I go Omeo > Falls Creek > Mount Beauty > Bright > Mount Hotham > Omeo, I will be back to where I started.

    How is the section from Omeo to Anglers Rest? Am I missing much if I start at Omeo and go clockwise (towards Mount Hotham)?
  7. All those school fees the old man wasted on me....
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    At Bright on my way home; coffee at Ginger Baker again :cool:

    The Bogong High Plain Road from Anglers Rest to Falls is another brilliant road, but summer only so always watch for loose seal.

    Lui, if you take that route you can then ride Omeo - Mitta - Tallangatta :happy:

    One small observation, you'd only track north to Bright on that route if you want a coffee break. Over the Tawonga Gap you turn left onto Smoko, Harrietville, etc. Still a great ride, but make it mid week as the roads are full of trippers who don't always move over at weekends.
  9. Did Bogong High Plains rd/ Mt Hotham loop a couple of weeks ago - clockwise, in great condition, although the Bogong High Plains Rd is narrow past Falls Creek its a top ride not to be missed. Omeo to Anglers Rest is also in great condition but had a lot of gravel washed over it from recent rains, just something to be aware of. Whichever way you go you'd be hard pressed not to enjoy yourself. Coming down Mt Hotham to Harrietvile is a blast as is the climb up to Falls Creek, just do it in your own time, agree with HeliHeli to do it mid week if possible.
  10. "ridden anti clockwise, ie from Bright through Harrietville over Hotham and down to Omeo. Just put Bright, Harrietville Hotham, omeo on google maps and this is what I got.Google Maps
  11. It seems most people have done it counter clockwise, i.e. uphill from Harrietville to Mt Hotham.
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  12. Presumably you meant Omeo > Anglers Rest > Falls Creek > Mt. Beauty > Harrietville > Mt. Hotham > Omeo, and then Omeo > Mitta Mitta > Tallangatta ...

    That's just a bit too much I think :) I will be coming up from Bairnsdale in the morning.
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  13. Go Omeo, Mt Hotham, Harrietvile, Mt Beauty(last fuel), Falls Creek, Omeo Hwy, Mitta Mitta. Cuts out about 2 hrs back tracking past Anglers Rest twice(although you'll miss out on a tight twisty reasonable flat road), no problems going down Mt Hotham, excellent road, you'll have a blast.
  14. Thanks mate, that's the original plan. Would be nice to come during a weekday, but most likely it will be a Saturday.
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    It's boiling down to personal choice, obviously, and mine is the ride up to Hotham from Harrretville. I went up to Dinner Plain and back today, the trip up was far more fun than the trip down; have a look at the twisties and work out for yourself how much time you're on the brakes downhill vs on the throttle uphill!

    As well as having a house at Dinner Plain, I also do this route most years when marshalling for the Three Peaks with all the lycra louts and they choose the anti-clockwise route.

    For the OP, nothing wrong with Omeo - Anglers (lots of very tight twisties) - Bogong High Plains Road - Falls - Mt Beauty - Tawonga Gap - Harrretville - Hotham - Omeo - Bairnsdale :whistle:

    If you do that route then you have to backtrack from Mitta Mitta to Omeo to get home to Bairnsdale.
  16. Agree with Rus LerRus Ler there, did it early this year and it was good fun going down. Its not really that steep, a nice steady decline.

    Edit: Its obviously better going up hill but it shouldn't be a deal breaker IMO

  17. Really? It has grades of 18%!!!

    Again, I've been running up and down this road for 20 years in snow and in heatwave conditions: I know it pretty well, and the other side down to Omeo.

    But I far preferred to fly up when the kids were at car-sickness stage ;)
  18. Is it? It really didn't feel like that especially the section with all the bare trees. It looked amazing!
    I'm not trying to dispute your knowledge of the road, and I think uphill would definitely be better and more fun, it always is.
    I'm just sharing my ONE experience with that road, for what its worth.
  19. Going back to Bairnsdale or continuing on past Tallangatta to Home?
    That was my thinking, not going back to Bairnsdale, in that case he could travel either direction, have to come down Hotham or Falls Creek.
  20. If he goes to Tallangatta then the trip to Bairnsdale is even longer!!

    Sorry, but I'm wondering how well you know the area? Recommending that he turn north onto the Omeo Highway (off the Bogong High Plains Road) to Mitta when he's said that he's going home to Bairnsdale to the south indicates some conflicts.