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OMCG members loses bike to 30 days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Is this General or Political.....
    I dunno and can be either but I can see our creative netrider minds having some fun with this so I say General Motorcycle Discussion (fun)..:LOL:


  2. i didn't know harleys did wheelies...
  3. They were just doing their bit for road safety. By blocking the highway no one could speed, think of the lives they saved.

    Oh, and I just can't let it go. They are not GANGS, they are CLUBS. FFS.
  4. Oh yes, indeed they can.
  5. "Don't you guys realise that you are idiots for riding bikes. Its illegal in this state.."
  6. How many fatalities have been caused by mono's?

    The hoon laws have strayed from their intended purpose.
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. If this is the same incident that I read about in the Worst the other day, the guy is a Shire President or some such :D.
  9. were they ever intened to save lives?
    I thought hoon laws targetted "anti-social" road behaviour
    regardless, u mob in vic have it tough
  10. One I know of when it was done in Latrobe St and the guy lost it as he came down and went under a truck... Otherwise, I can't think of any.

    Regardless of anything else, you have to be pretty dumb to do it in front of 25 cops who have just pulled you over for a "safety" chat.
  11. What about all the geriatric drivers in there new cars doing 20 under in the right lane? Never see them pulled over and spoken too.
  12. if you arent speeding then you are driving safely....
  13. Bloody Oath!

    I mean why would you trade in a perfectly good Vanguard or Morris 1100 on a Toyota Avalon and then STILL do 80kmh?
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  14. Time and a place.
  15. There is a time and a place for just about anything...This guy is obviously a total dipshit.
  16. There's never a right time or place to be caught on a harley
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  17. The article says that they were "blocking" the highway. They must have been either not speeding, or everyone else was.
  18. F.T.P. :jerk::deal:
  19. Sorry to poop on parades, but I can think of two. Both were trailies, unrego'd riders though. But I guess it happens.

    OMC rider could be on a Buell or an XR1200.
  20. good on them
    should be more of it.
    not a problem if you're on a bike, can get past if in a hurry. only creates a problem for cars and trucks. anything motorcycle related that annoys some muggle in a cage is always a good thing. ****em, ****em all.

    oh yeah and they really are a "club" hahahahahahaha