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OldNewbie Hello Message

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OldNewbie, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    New kid from St George area. Finally, made the leap and go my motorcycle "L's", still haven't bought a bike. Looking for a Yamaha cruiser to suit my middle age bearing.

    Have been reading the forums for months and the information on here is invaluable. So thanks to everyone who shares their experience.

    Look forward to participating in the forums.

    Talk soon.
  2. Hello OldNewbie, welcome to NR and lifetime of fun on two wheels. Good luck with hunting for your perfect ride :)
  3. Thanks Fr33dm.
  4. Welcome OldNewbieOldNewbie and have fun with the bike shopping.
  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. 42
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Thanks everyone, might have to bite the bullet, head out to Bikebiz and play eenie meenie miney moe ... (whats the correct thing to "catch by the toe" these days. :) )

    Oh, just in case you're wondering ... 51 (going on 12)
  9. Never ever too old to play with bikes or with anything else for that matter!:p
    Don't go there OldNewbieOldNewbie ...move back from the keyboard slowly and pretend you didn't throw that word grenade out into NR world....;)